"Breakfast Not Bombs" meal Thursdays, Cambridge MA FWD

Tom Boland (wgcp@earthlink.net)
Wed, 17 Dec 1997 15:23:47 -0800 (PST)

FWD from Mark Laskey <kronstadt@juno.com>

Greetings from Boston/Cambridge Food Not Bombs,

     Just writing to let you all know that we started a sixth meal here in
the Boston-Cambridge area, we call it "Breakfast Not Bombs" and it is every
Thursday morning from 9:30AM - 11AM in the middle of Central Square. So far
we have been serving a fairly low-tech meal (oatmeal, bagels, fruit,
coffee, cocoa, etc...) but once we get more established we hope to come up
with better stuff to cook. (Any bulk recipes for breakfast foods would be
very appreciated!)

     We feel that the location of this meal was very important. For those
of you who are unaware, Central Square is home to the anarchist infoshop
Lucy Parsons Center, which along with many other culturally diverse,
independantly owned shops is slated to be demolished in March of '98 in
order to further gentrify this area and make way for a strip mall marketed
for the wealthy (re: the Gap, Barnes and Nobles, etc.). The ultimate
outcome of this "project" will be the displacement of much of the
low-income and homeless
population in this area, replaced with a nice, safe and sterile shopping
enviornment geared toward the upper-class suburban dwellers who contribute
nothing to this community.

     Gentrification is something that effects us all, form Berlin to New
York to any other large city in the world, we can slowly see our
communities taken away from us (squatters know this best!) and put into the
hands of the rich... As Food Not Bombs activists, we feel that it is
necessary to confront this issue on the very front lines and show that the
poor, homeless and hungry will not be
pushed away so easily...See you at the breakfast table!

                                             Community Before Commodity,