Re: Toronto Drum Circle website

Bonnie Briggs (
Wed, 17 Dec 1997 11:12:45 PST

>Bonnie Briggs
>Hi gang,
>  Guess what? The drum circle I belong to now has its own website! It
>was put up by Happy Shel from my hand-drumming discussion list. Happy 
>with Drums Not Guns. The address is Why
>not check it out? It contains news about our New Year's party. There
>will soon be news about our weekly drum circle and special events 
>up. If you like drumming and are looking for an awesome way to 
>New Year's, have a look at our new site. There is a link on there to my
>web page. Feedback?

Bonnie Briggs
Hi Tom,
  Sorry about the bounce, Tom. Hope this works. No, Drums, Not Guns is 
not the name of our group. Drums, Not Guns is the group that was kind 
enough to give us the website. The tentative name for our drum circle is 
"Idara" which means happiness. Hope you like the site. Talk to you 
later. Drum on!

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