Re: Praise God, there ARE formerly Homeless People Amoung Us!

Tom Boland (
Sat, 13 Dec 1997 22:40:35 -0800 (PST)

Sonny:  Thanks so much for your post.

For HPN, I seek robust debate where needed, followed by a gelling of shared
aims, and leading to collaborative action on peaceful means to end

Whatever our barriers, our list will survive and thrive--if members forego
personal attacks and ideological labels, but rather make use of each
other's insights and share resources.  Both currently and formerly homeless
people have much to contribute, as do the allies we need to help us meet
our aims.

We have the potential, among other things, to help policy makers view
program choices through the eyes of homeless people.  Please continue to
help HPN members reach our collective potential.

May you accomplish much on your trip to DC, Sonny.  Best to you and yours.

Thristing for justice.--Tom

Sonny wrote:

>Just wanted you to know I am still here, still more committed than ever to
>HPN and to the Family that I have been blessed to find.  Grow not weary in
>well doing, continue to build up, nuture and grow as we each supply what
>the other needs.
>I am continually amazed how much I value those only known by the words of
>their hearts and lives over the net on this vehicle of HPN.  Be blessed --
>I Love You All!