Praise God, there ARE formerly Homeless People Amoung Us!

H. C. Covington (
Sat, 13 Dec 1997 23:57:28 -0600

Budda was once credited with asking a heckler a question:

"If I do not accept or acknowledge your words that are your gift

to me, to whom do they belong?"

Sometimes, ones silence does drown out the noise ...........

In our advocacy efforts, after a question or challenge is made in public,

the first to answer or respond is usually the loser in the issue.

Just wanted you to know I am still here, still more committed than ever to
HPN and to the Family that I have been blessed to find.  Grow not weary in
well doing, continue to build up, nuture and grow as we each supply what
the other needs.

I am continually amazed how much I value those only known by the words of
their hearts and lives over the net on this vehicle of HPN.  Be blessed --
I Love You All!


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