Re: NH-PID #2

Thomas Cagle (
Sat, 13 Dec 1997 19:01:49 -0500

On Sat, 13 Dec 1997 08:11:58 -0500 (EST) "Bruce D. Burleson"
<> writes:
>Well, I think that people need to have the *choice* to call on
>Kevorkian or someone like him if they wish. 
Good morning Bruce,
  i must first qualify what I have to say with this; I have no objection
to a person taking their own life. As a mental health worker I know with
certainty that the determined person will succeed with this sort of
endeavor. As a direct care worker I had to successfully intervene 100% of
the time. The truly  decided citizen had only to succeed once. I support
the concept that suicide or it's attempts should not be criminalized. 

  For the sake of brevity I am going to side step NH probate law
regarding involuntary hospitalization for suicide attempts. To stay on
the track that you raise. If I sound insulting as I say what I am about
to, please bear with me. Y'all can be insulted when I am done (if you

  I must question what part of the world you live in, and your social
station. Your premise that there is any fragment of choice for the poor
or disabled in PID, leads me to suspect either (a) you live in a country
that has socialized medicine, or (b) you have enough means and a
background far enough removed from how the poor and disabled are treated
(in the USA) to presume that over attention to life prolonging
interventions are routinely used on that poor and disabled population.
Nothing could be further from the truth. The stated goal now of the
Hemlock society, already reads like a eugenics program. Bruce you won't
have anybody to advocate for if this legislation passes.

> I think the thing to do is not to fight *against* PAS, but to fight
*for* the social services 
>that are being placed on the chopping block.  I.e. health care, services
>the elderly.  To argue against PAS, IMO, is a retreatist strategy.
>:) Bruce Burleson
  I think there are three strings to this fiddle. 

  There needs to be education that effective pain palliation is a worth
while activity of doctor's, even at the risk of suppressing respiration
in terminally ill people.

  That enlarging the franchise of who can determine what the quality of
your life is, is a place you do not want to go into, and (speaking for
myself) I damned sure don't want the town welfare lady to have a say in
this determination.

  Lastly the endorsement of ADA, IDEA, and #504, and the civil rights act
of 1964 can only be effected by citizen endorsement and action. This
subsumes that these citizen's have some place to live in. In this one
area we are in agreement. Biting HUD is a favorite past-time of mine.

  Bruce it may be in your state that a medicaid card is easy to get,
universally honored, and promptly paid by your state. it may also be that
your state has an aggressive VR program that works in conjunction with
your state CIL (center for independent living) to place, house, and adapt
that housing. Seeing as I can't find a single state that comes close to
the percentage that NH devotes to community placement of disabled people.
And that amount totally sidesteps the mentally ill population here. I
have to wonder about whom you have determined to be homeless or deserving
of your notice. 

  If you are willing to on call me I will be happy to contact you to any
number of people who are marginally housed, and suffer endless delays of
things easily remedied like impacted teeth, or have other health concerns
that have been marginalized by medical profession until their problems
have compounded to the point that they are life threatening. 

  PID will eliminate your constituency.

Free our people!
Tom Cagle