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Hi Ron - what's the weather like in Berlin this time of the year?  See below

>- where it looks like you are saying that if only the min. wage was
>higher the homeless could get themselves off the street.

What I'm saying is if the minimum wage was higher AND there was more
affordable housing available for LOW income people.

>Does this mean that in Wyoming employers are willing to give a job to a
>person they know to be resident _nowhere_??  If so - what events led to
>them being prepared to do this.. are there no ppl takeing casual/low
>paid jobs who are accomodated etc etc...?

Yes, and lots of them do -- They do it because they want good workers and
they don't care where the worker lives or doesn't live.  Sure others take
the casual/low paid jobs too (in fact most all jobs in Wyoming are low paid
-- profession included)

>Don't for Heavens' sakes get me wrong .. it is wonderfull for the
>homeless to be given a chance of employment at all... !  My own
>experiance is that predujice and some practical problems.. ie. many
>homeless have a radical hygene problem that would not be tolerable
>indoors for a days casual employment etc....

Have you heard of showers?  That's what they do if they want to work.

>Looking forward to your reply...?
>ron bartle
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