nh-adapt: Re: NH-PID #2

Thomas Cagle (nh-adapt@juno.com)
Sat, 13 Dec 1997 06:42:16 -0500

Good morning all,
 As some of your writers have allready pointed out, institutional care is
as homless as a body can get. Well, If PID (physician instigated
death)-PAS (physician assisted suicide) were ever to become the law of
the land. Things could get real tough real fast for a number folks with
any number of disabilities. 
 For NH, the seat of apointed power sits behind the desk at the
directorship of Health & Human Services.
 This note is an exchange regarding NH's own proposed PID legislation.
 By way of a disclaimer I am no Xian
Tom Cagle

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On Fri, 05 Dec 97 09:12:02 -0400 paul.harcz@gsel.org writes:
>Question: Does this mean that the  head of the Dept. of Human Services 
>would also ultimately have the power over life and death along with all
>his/her other delegated powers? Paul "Joe" Harcz
Good afternoon Joe,
 Yes this is my read also. I have had people insist that I am paranoid.
But! with NH's increasing use of waiting lists (just among the adult DD
population for example), I find it no great leap into paranoia to expect
with the passage of this sort of legislation,  a hypothetical exchange
that could go something like this...

  "why, yes Mrs Jones, we will be happy to provide serves for Billy,
however there is an 18 year waiting list. You didn't aply? Well in the
interim there IS this service we can offer".

  Call me names, call me what you will. After 'Gov' Steve Merrill
abolished the only senior day-hab for adults with alzhimers, by executive
decree. (and quadrupled the expence of care for those guys) Can you
imagine the cost benifits that a cash-strapped governor could drum up at
need? Hey I'll sleep better at night if whoever don't have this power
through an appointee...

Free our people!
Tom Cagle