Attitude strikes again...

Anitra Again (
Sat, 13 Dec 1997 01:04:21 -0800 (PST)

The StreetLife Gallery website was developed by a temporary intern at
the Real Change.  During her time here, she annoyed us all greatly
with a general spaciness and serious lack of clues, but she was young
-- and she was working hard on the site.  She interviewed a number of
artists, made friends with several, took lots of pictures, and got the
site up before her internship expired.

Last Gallery meeting Wes and I found out that she had not reviewed the
finished pages with ANY of the artists before they were posted.  The
next day, we took everybody over to the Speakeasy and showed them
their pages -- and fortunately the intern has left with no forwarding
address, because they almost formed a lynch party.

The webpages really stressed the "poor and homeless artists" image.
Some personal details were included that the artists had not given
permission to be published, that reinforced the "help this miserable
person" idea.  The attitude of most of the artists is a very proud,
"Buy my art because it's good, don't buy it because you feel sorry for

I am now the website manager for StreetLife Gallery.  I've done a
major overhaul of the pages, including the artists' requested edits,
so if you haven't seen the site lately check out the new look at

You can also save keystrokes by using the address
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