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For those among us interested in mental health issues: 

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New on WalkersWeb (www.walkers.org):

Special Event!
Join us in our chatroom on Dec 17th at 8:30 pm for our special guest
Leonard Holmes Ph.D.

Leonard Holmes, Ph.D. is a Clinical Psychologist from Virginia who has a
private practice and works in a VA Hospital.  He is Mental Health 
Resources Guide at The Mining Company (http://mentalhealth.miningco.com)
and consults over Internet on a "shareware" basis.  Complete background
information can be found at http://netpsych.com/holmes .  Dr. Holmes will
be available to discuss topics in clinical psychology or health
psychology, along with issues related to the use of the Internet for
mental health.


Our listings of information on mood disorders is expanding daily.  We now
have complete information on all commonly used psychiatric meds.  Also, be
sure to visit our Mental Health News area.  It is constantly updated with
the latest news for you to use.

By special arrangement with BarnesandNoble.com, we have our own online
bookstore stocked with many of the best titles on depression, bipolar and
other mood disorders.  A portion of the purchase price goes to the Walkers

Our discussion forum is now online.  Share your thoughts and ideas with
other members of the WalkersWeb community.  There's even a place to post
your own personal URL's and ICQ numbers.

WalkersWeb is the home of the Walkers In Darkness mailing list.  We
feature information on the list, pics of our members and the member
birthday and location lists.

Visit WalkersWeb at http://www.walkers.org

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