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 Via Workers World News Service
 Reprinted from the December 18, 1997
 issue of Workers World newspaper
 By Mahtowin Munro
 More and more people all over the country and around the 
 world are hearing about the police assault on a peaceful 
 march of Native people and their supporters that took 
 place in Plymouth, Mass., on U.S. "Thanksgiving" day. 
 United American Indians of New England, the group that 
 has organized the National Day of Mourning since 1970, 
 has received an overwhelming number of messages of 
 support from individuals and organizations from virtually 
 every state in the United States and from Canada, 
 Belgium, Holland, Peru, Mexico, Australia and other 
 Newspaper and radio coverage has extended from New 
 Mexico to British Columbia, and from Madison, Wis., to 
 UAINE is asking supporters to gather signatures on the 
 petition below from their organizations, labor unions, 
 communities and campuses. 
 For more information on to help, readers can contact: 
 UAINE, P.O. Box 7501, Quincy, MA 02269. Phone: (617)773-
 0406; e-mail:
 We, the undersigned, wish to express our outrage over the 
 police assault on Native Americans and their supporters 
 in Plymouth, Mass., on Nov. 27, 1997, U.S. "Thanksgiving" 
 On that day, hundreds of Native Americans and their 
 supporters gathered in Plymouth, Mass., to observe the 
 28th National Day of Mourning, organized by United 
 American Indians of New England. Their peaceful march was 
 attacked by about 150 police from the Plymouth Police 
 Dept., Massachusetts state troopers, and other police 
 agencies. During the assault, the cops used pepper spray 
 and mace in the eyes of elders and children. People 
 wearing buttons or T-shirts demanding freedom for Native 
 political prisoner Leonard Peltier were singled out for 
 harassment and arrest.
 This completely unprovoked assault resulted in the 
 arrests of 25 women and men from all four directions--
 Indigenous people from North and Central America, Black, 
 Latino, Asian, and white, lesbian, gay and straight--on 
 charges ranging from assembly without a permit to assault 
 and battery on a police officer. The ages of those 
 arrested ranged from 20 to 67 years old.
 We demand the following: Drop all the charges immediately 
 against the 25 people arrested. A public apology from all 
 police agencies involved. An open public inquiry into the 
 police brutality that occurred in Plymouth on Nov. 27, 
 1997. This must be done by independent parties, not by 
 police agencies or prosecutors. 
 Massachusetts Gov. Cellucci and other state and national 
 public figures must break their silence and condemn the 
 police violence that occurred in Plymouth on 
 "Thanksgiving" day. 
 Please return all petitions to United American Indians of 
 New England, P.O. Box 7501, Quincy, MA 02269. (617)773-

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