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Founding family homelands/heartlands, establishing sacred trust, holding
brainstorms, councils & gatherings  is an attempt to take it higher. Let's
take it higher...?

"..focusing on solutions ...manifests solutions....?"

"..consensus is not a vote...but an organic process of realizing divine
will & intent...collectively...
 any attempts to manipulate consensus result in kaos... raining on the
 parade of those who would manipulate....?"

DISCLAIMER: Rainbow ?/ the rainbow?/ family?/tribe?/nation?, /the rainbow
family of living light ?/etc., or whatever it is herein attempted to
be refered to as "rainbow-like ", "rainbow-modeled", or "rainbowesque"
is not a legal entity, and as such is completely legally unaffiliated
and is to remain so henceforth in every way, shape & form with anything
calling itself homelands/family homelands/heartlands/sacred trust/sacred
land trust/sacred trust fund/sacred land trust fund/the trust for sacred
lands/brainstorm/homelands council &/or gathering. Blablabla

Consensus reached in Oregon by family homelands council, held July 5,6,7,
1997: 1. "We the home lands council on the land of the rainbow family of
living light, on July 6,1997 consense to gather July 23 to august 22, from
new moon to new moon, of 1998. This gathering will be held on a site near
the national [annual] rainbow gathering. The intention of this gathering
is to continue to council on the establishment of family homelands...."

2. "We the homelands council on the land of the rainbow family of living
light on July 6, 1997 (& again on 7.7.97 with 38 rainbows in attendance)
in Oregon, reached consensus to the wording only for the creation of
a sacred trust, the sole purpose of which is to transact the land from
those who feel they own it, and set it free, forever, for all..."

Note: the vision council on the land of the rainbow family met in Oregon
July 7, 1997  for six days, reaching consensus on Sat, July 12, 1997
for the annual/national rainbow gathering to be held June 21 thru July
10, 1998 in the Arizona/Southern Utah region....

The 1998 Homelands Council Gathering will be scouted for a site in the
Four Corners bio-region within reasonable caravaning distance from the
annual/national Rainbow Gathering. Directions to be announced on or
before the time of the 98 national/annual Rainbow Gathering...

A homelands council & gathering is an ongoing brainstorm of focusing,
discovering, exploring, initiating, & finally implementing solutions
viable, sustainable, & germane to the establishment, maintenance, &
furthering of the stated aims of the dreamcatcher/network of family

Family homelands is land upon which community, modeled on & embodying
the spirit to be found at a gathering of the rainbow family of living
light, is empowered & in all ways encouraged with the space & the means
to flourish...

Sacred trust is trusting in the sacredness of the universe to provide
the means as one surrenders to the fulfillment of destiny...

The homelands council & gathering emerge from the realization after much
soulful family deliberation that what there is here to be accomplished
is big and entirely & desirably within reach: a forum for all to input
idea & resource in establishing, maintaining, sharing, and reveling in
the dreamcatcher of family homelands....

Sacred  Trust, the Homelands Council, & Gathering spring from a grass
roots ground swell of  raw human feeling & emotion called into focus,
culminating in the clear train of thought, coherently responded to with
clear intent that the highest good may be served by us all taking it
higher by focusing on solutions, brainstorming solutions, manifesting
solutions. .  .

homelands...  higher...  lets take it higher...  taking it higher ...
may the highest good be served...

           Charter/Mission Statement: SACRED TRUST
(Sacred trust; sacred land trust; sacred land trust fund; sacred trust
fund; the trust for sacred lands)

Sacred Trust land, sacred land, &/or lands held in sacred trust are
defined as land to which the ownership has been relinquished. by whatever
means necessary & legal, the end goal & result being that no one owns the
land, and no one ever again owns this land - no person, no commercial,
governmental, or bureaucratic entity- thus everyone is welcome to be
there, and no one person can ultimately say," you can't be here". Thus
sacred trust is an attempt to legally create sanctuary... through
promoting recognition of the basic sanctity of earth...sacred  trust is
about creating grounding the rainbow vision in
a network/dreamcatcher of sacred homelands...  Sacred trust exists to
provide the space & conduit the means for projects like "rainbow-modeled"
family homelands to flourish....

Sacred trust exists to collectively pool & unify source & resource
to free humanity & lands to create sustainable, migratory community
spirit based in the "rainbow-like" ideal & model, i.e... prayer for
world peace & love now; rule by consensus council process; everyone
is a peace seer (Shanti Sena) looking to see the way to peace in every
situation, responding for the well being of all; no one is in charge,
the universe is in charge; everyone is by nature & practice equal &
worthy; initiative, like everyone is welcomed & encouraged......

Sacred trust exists to provide and/or create a simple vehicle for people
to relinquish private ownership of the earth mother, lands, resources, &
other real properties into a sacred trust that will preserve & protect
these lands & resources from ownership for all time. The sole purpose
of such a trust is to steward & transact the freeing and/or purchase of
land & these resources from private ownership, through the preservation &
protection of the land & resources from all quarters: legal, commercial,
bureaucratic, & within....

Sacred trust is
Practicing respect for all life & practicing surrender unto the most
high within...and without...all...  Realizing the earth as inviolate
& inherently sacred every moment through every person & every living
thing...  Enabling pure human being...  Empowering a most conscious,
free, & harmonious existence...  Manifesting a dreamcatcher/network of
" rainbow-like" homelands/heartlands, sanctuaries, retreats, templesites,
& " 'rainbow-like' U." campuses connected by televised "rainbow-like"
caravans to urban & suburban "rainbow-like" kitchens, teahouses,
safehouses, lighthouses, libraries of  light, homeless gardens, a
waystations, play stations, & "rainbow-like" peace & healing gatherings...

Sacred trust works in practice by consensus to hold a gathering after
the national each summer that we caravan to, near or on land that we
lease/purchase out of the magic hat, by forming a sacred land trust,
(modeled on the "rainbow-like" banking council & consensus process])
whose sole mandated purpose is to transact the purchase of the land from
the owners, and set it free forever, for all. Eventually every gathering
results in the freeing or purchase of a parcel of earth in its vicinity,
if not the actual gathering site itself.

Sacred trust lands, it must be understood by all, as part of their
charter/mission statement is to remain free:

1. Wherever legally necessary Sacred Trust lands are to remain free of
drugs, alcohol, & fire arms. This includes marijuana & all controlled
substances that jeopardize the continued existence of the land under
the protection of the Sacred trust....

2. Wherever possible Sacred Trust lands are to remain " jones"
free. Caffeine, refined sugars, & tobacco use is discouraged outside of
the spiritual intent of ceremony & the sacred way. This is to preserve
the essential spirit of the sacred...

3. All permanent structures to be held in common; temporary private
structures are welcome, (teepees, yurts, tents, etc....)

4. Unattended vehicles and personal property left unattended past six
months become common property, to be disposed of by the family council
on the land by consensus....

5. No vehicles left stored without keys & clear title left with a
designated family member of the council on the land....

6. In the event that a person or persons represent themselves as a clear
threat or menace to the stated aims of maintaining sacred space on this
earth wherein all are welcome to come & be, in respect, peace, & harmony
with the earth & one another, a family Shanti Sena council may be called
to consense on the removal of these individuals from Sacred Trust lands
until such time as it is determined by family council on the land that
said individual have demonstrated sufficiently that they no longer
pose any threat to the community at large, Sacred Trust lands, or any
individual family members therein. First verbal request; then physical
removal by force; then legal injunction shall be the order of recourse
available to be employed by the family council....

7. In the event that a person continually demonstrates gross & malicious
disregard for the family council by consense process as to pose a clear
& present threat to the council & its conduct of family council affairs
by constant interruption, endless filibustering, grandstanding, physical
intimidation or other forms of  repeated blatant disrespect of family,
of council, &/or themselves, this person may be said to have called upon
themselves a vote of censure by the council present. The recourse of the
council is first a verbal request that the person step aside; then a vote
to censure and thus exclude the person from the process of reaching the
consensus on the floor; then finally barring the person from the council
itself, designating an active Shanti Sena council to council with the
person, and/or physically remove or eject the person from the immediate
council area, or the site as conditions warrant, until such time as the
person has demonstrated to the family council on the land the respect
requisite to conduct oneself in council....

8. All moneys collected under the auspices of Sacred Trust are to be
administered & dispensed only by the duly elected & so designated active
members of the banking council of Sacred Trust...

9. The members of the banking council of Sacred Trust are to be elected by
the family council on the land at the outset of each homelands gathering,
whereupon the previous banking council will be dissolved. All banking
council members must be elected; preferably an odd number of members
who will be able to make themselves entirely available to conduct the
day to day business concerns of the family on the land & Sacred Trust
as it evolves internationally. It is understood that all are welcomed
& encouraged to attend, observe, & offer input with respect to banking
council meetings. It is further recommended the ideal banking council
candidate is one who demonstrates a genuine reluctance to handle money
or engage in political debate...

10. Sacred Trust is fundamentally apolitical & will remain apolitically
& legally unaffiliated with any other non-legal or legal entity...

11. The banking council of Sacred Trust is accountable to the family
council on the land, as well as the family of humanity at large, by
keeping an open accounting, holding an open counting of funds collected
by magic hat trains at main circles; publicly announcing the current
balance of the bank; & holding pubic meetings when & wherever possible...

12. Sacred Trust is designed to remain non-profit & tax-exempt...

13. A directory of Sacred Trust lands will be established, made public,
and kept current...

Sacred trust can accept donations of any kind with the understanding
that these may be liquidated to provide the means to free/purchase lands
most suitable for sanctuary of "rainbow-like" community.  The target of
Sacred Trust is to provide this sanctuary for the single parent families,
the homeless/ houseless youth & elderly, as well as the children of the
rainbow, a place to come home to live or just be, far, or not so far
from the encroachments of the world on ones personal sovereignty...

Sacred trust can: a.) receive gifts of land; b.) hold gatherings on
public land next to private lease/purchasable land acceptable to the
family on the land, transacting the outright purchase in full of the
land from the magic hat at that time;  or c.) use what comes from the
passing of the magic hat amongst the family : as a down payment, the
first installment of the lease/purchase agreement, then hold a series
of solstice/equinox or annual gatherings until the balance due is paid
in full; or d.) combine the funds collected from a series of homelands
gatherings until there is enough to purchase/free a suitable portion of
mother earth outright; or e.)  then take option (d.) one step further by
using lands donated or purchased outright by Sacred Trust as collateral
towards the purchase/freeing of yet another homelands site; or f.) hold
fundraising events like a televised caravaning artshow/auction of
family talents, then pool all proceeds ( minus the artists' 50% ) with
magic hat contributions from gatherings to transact/free another sacred
trust site...

Sacred trust is a vehicle though which family can relinquish ownership
of land so the land can be appreciated, shared, and respected by all for
the intrinsic sacred value of the earth and her children. One practical
method of accomplishing this is for all lands held in Sacred trust, all
lands listed in the directory of sacred lands and thus recognized and
accepting of the spirit and intent behind this charter/mission statement
of sacred trust, to be deeded either to Sacred Trust and thence deeded
to the most high within & without all, or deeded directly & irrevocably
to the most high within & without all by the legal owner who so wishes
to relinquish legal ownership.  Whatever method can be found to best
serve the ultimate goal: eternal preservation of sacred land and the
lands held in sacred trust...



 Sacred trust is...

                                          input welcome...


          "Reckless words pierce like a sword,
           But the tongue of the wise brings healing."
                                           - Proverbs 12: 18