Fw: FACULTY: CDC Nonprofit/Public Service Lead --- El Pomar Foundation

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The following came through the career planning office at Bucknell, Univ.
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Subject: FACULTY: CDC Nonprofit/Public Service Lead --- El Pomar Foundation

+AD4APg-Subject: CDC Nonprofit/Public Service Lead --- El Pomar Foundation
+AD4-Fellowship, Colorado Springs, CO.
+AD4APg-El Pomar Foundation is accepting applications for its 2 yr. full-time
+AD4-postgraduate fellowship program in community service.  Receive intensive
+AD4-professional development training to prepare you for leadership roles in
+AD4-the nonprofit world.  Responsibilities include grant making and community
+AD4-outreach programs.  Position begins in late July, 1998.  More info
+AD4-available at web site:  http://www.elpomar.org (or call Lane Macy at
+AD4-719-471-1241 or e-mail her at lmacy+AEA-elpomar.org)
+AD4APg-Title:  Program Assistant
+AD4APg-Fellows will work in all aspects of Foundation's grant making,
+AD4-outreach, education and support activities for nonprofit organizations.
+AD4-Starting salary:  +ACQ-20,500.  Competitive benefits package.
+AD4APg-Requirements --  BS or BA degree.  Strong leadership skills +ACY- capability,
+AD4-interest in public/community service, strong verbal and writing skills,
+AD4-initiative.  Must be willing to travel throughout Colorado on business of
+AD4APg-To Apply --- Send resume, cover letter describing your interest in
+AD4-and career objectives, college transcript and 2 letters of recommendation
+AD4-by February 18, 1998 to:  Henry L.T. Koren, Jr.  Director of Programs, El
+AD4-Pomar Foundation, 10 Lake Circle, Colorado Springs, CO  80906
+AD4APg-Continued good luck to you+ACE-
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