Re BOUNCES: US/Press/General Lee Butler/text...

Tom Boland (
Tue, 9 Dec 1997 17:06:20 -0800 (PST)

>Tom Boland tells me that my post of last Sunday's very important Washington
>Post Magazine article about whistle-blower General Lee Butler, "The
>Dissenter," was cut short because it was too long.
>You can access the article at

Hi, Ellen:  Thanks for the URL for this most important article.  The arms
race severely restricts the availability of federally funded income
assistance to homeless people in the USA.

Majordomo, the computer software that serves HPN posts, bounced your
article, sending me the following message:

"Date: Mon, 8 Dec 1997 21:53:28 -0700

Subject: BOUNCE     Message too long (>40000 chars)
<snip bunch of headers>
From: Peace through Reason <>
Subject: US/Press/General Lee Butler/text, Washington Post Magazine
  12/7/97 <snip the post>"

I'll write up guidelines for reducing "automatic" bounces by Majordomo.
Most have occured because text included the word s*bscr*b*, was from a
nonmember, was too long or was scrambled, as in:


Majordomo is a mixed bleessing.  It posts nearly everything instantly, but
a few posts get bounced automatically.  And some posts prove quite
difficult to eventually get through.

I am still learning how to solve such glitches.  If any of you are
experienced with Majordomo commands, please let me know if you can help me
solve posting problems that occur.--Tom B