Re: New addresses and a new ring

Anitra Again (
Tue, 9 Dec 1997 16:32:21 -0800 (PST)

On Tue, 9 Dec 1997, Bev Thornton wrote:

> > weeks, at  While these are only temporary, if
> > you have something you are trying to promote over a short period of
> > time -- including a court case, or an email campaign in support of an
> > election initiative -- it could be useful.
> Two weeks, two months, not long for anything really. Here is where to 
> look for free webspace, free webmail, other stuff too:
> bev ___ ___ ICQ# 5774744

Tripod is excellent.  I didn't know about the others -- I'll check
them out; thanks.

The home I've found for StreetWrites,, includes an
email account with 6MB of space, for free.  The only way to build and
maintain your webpages is on your own, then uploading the finished
product by FTP.  They have a decent response time -- when somebody
goes to your page, they can see it fairly quickly.

There is another free server offering 6MB, --
however, I tried them and my pages took forever to load.  I don't
think anybody will ever wait around to look at them. offers 6MB free, has a pagebuilder and editor as
well as FTP capability, so that you can upload your own files.  Its
pagebuilder can do some fancy-looking stuff, with tables and such. It has
good response time.  Their address system annoys me and I hate not
having my organization name in my web-address, but at least they've
speeded up the process of finding a "vacant lot" for new sites.

Of the free servers in the 2MB range, Tripod is the very best.
Excellent pagebuilder; lots of member services and resources; very
good response time.  The only thing I'm afraid of is that sooner or
later they'll catch on that all those email addresses all belong to
one person, and yell at me for having too many websites.

Another good 2MB site is -- especially if you are
just starting out and will be developing your whole site online with
them.  Uploading any large number of files is a pain.

For free email, the best I've found so far is Hotmail, at

I'm now checking out an offer at -- 50MB to
non-profits.  When I applied, I was told by auto-response that the
offer wasn't good any more -- then a week later got the mail setting
up my account.  I'l try it out for response time, etc -- if it works, 
I think I've got a homestead -- and definitely recommend it.

I do make pages, though, that are temporary, announcements of a
special event or such, and the 'billboard' site looked like a handy
place to stick such things without taking up my main server space.
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