Media doesn't care.

Wandering Bear (
Tue, 09 Dec 1997 10:27:22 PST

Was:media ignoring activists..
 The media cares nothing about civil protests.It dosnt intrest anyone 
accept the protesters so the news orgainizations ignore it.protests 
havent been news worthy sence the 70ies.We need to change our 
stratigy.Find something new to get our needs met.
Wandering Bear

>There are three activists in San Diego, fasting for the right to 24 
>public facilities.  
>In the midst of the holiday season (for those of us who celebrate 
>holidays), three men, for the past several days, have been drinking
>nothing but water.
>I'm told that the media, in the pocket of the political powers that be,
>have not covered this story, their ongoing conditions, or the reason 
>their actions, with the exception of one article in a local paper.
>One of the men is homeless; the other two have been, and keenly 
>the ramifications of San Diego's neglect of these, the poorest of the
>And media, silent, cooperates with power...and I feel, appropriately,
>But if we cannot change the world, at least we may try to embarrass the
>guilty...I will call my Senators; write from WA state; and email the CA
> the very least, someone in power will understand that 
>than the San Diego City Council is watching, and aware of this
>ongoing--and hushed--sacrifice. 
>Pat Myers

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