Re: Fwd: Re: Dispatch from HPN; reply

Morgan Brown (
Tue, 09 Dec 1997 09:26:05 PST

On: Tue, 9 Dec 1997 
Anitra Again <>

A.A.:"I value you, too, Morgan, and I'm very glad you weren't upset with 
any of us."

Thank you Anitra! I also value you too Anitra!

A.A.:"But the best thing to do with people who insist on ruffling your
feather is, in my opinion, fly."

I really love that saying! Excellent!!!!!

But, that doesn't mean that when someone (present company not 
included) are shooting at us or in our general direction, that we 
can't lighten the load as we're taking off in flight and possibly 
some of it will land where it'll do the most good, as the fertilizer 
that it can be. 

;-))  <wink & big grin>

A.A.:"Let's soar. :)"

Agreed! :-)

Morgan <>
Montpelier Vermont USA

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