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Morgan Brown (morganbrown@hotmail.com)
Tue, 09 Dec 1997 07:06:58 PST

Hello all at HPN!

This is a forward of the shorter and rewritten version of two that I 
sent to C.S.F. yesterday in response to Daniel Myers post there about 
HPN. I don't know if either post made it onto C.S.F. though, as neither 
showed up in my box via them, finally I just uns*bscr*b*d as I intended 
This morning I recieved one of Virginia's posts to the C.S.F. list that 
she C.C. to HPN in which she stated "Anyone is entitled to start 
whatever kind of list they feel they need to start.  No one is forcing 
you are anyone else to join a list you do not like or approve of.  If 
you don't like it, don't join it -- or if you join and don't like it 
then leave it and go on to the lists that you do like.  You cannot 
change all lists to suit yourselves, and that seems to be what you
and Mr. Myers want to do." Virginia, who is the "you" that you are 
referring to in the last line when you wrote "...and that seems to be 
what you and Mr. Myers want to do." ? Because it isn't stated and 
because I'm not on the C.S.F. list I have no frame of reference for it 
other than to wonder if you mean me or not? I don't know? Please let me 
know. For my part, I'm not trying to change this or any other list to 
suit myself, but I am very disgusted and am ready to uns*bscr*b* to HPN 
as well and may before the day is out.

Morgan <morganbrown@hotmail.com>
Homeless in Montpelier Vermont USA


--------Forwarded message----------

Hello all! (C.S.F. List)

I am very deeply appalled by, resentful of and angered over Daniel Myers 
unnecessary diatribe of and against HPN, Tom Boland and others on HPN, 
which he posted on this list. If Daniel and his post are representative 
of the "Homeless Discussion List", then, as far as I'm concerned you all 
deserve each other and are welcome to such misery and negativity; which 
I have seen on several other posts here (C.S.F.), including recently. 
For my part, I am a person who has been and who is "severely and 
persistently" psychiatrically labeled and I deeply resent some of the 
recent posts which speak of me and my peers in other than the first 
person and that make a joke and mockery of us. 
You can take your higher than thou attitudes and all and shove it where 
it belongs, because my peers and I don't need or deserve your crap, we 
have enough in front of us to deal with. Some of you think you're doing 
us and the world a favor with what you think you're doing for us. That 
is nothing but a lot of B.S. that you seem intent on believing in. I've 
had it with the lot of you jerks, I've seen enough, what is going on 
here I've seen elsewhere over the last 30 or more years; Gawd, this 
really pisses me off!!!!!!! 
I had thought that possibly it could be different, but now it appears 
that it can't be. Too bad! I had thought we all could discuss and learn 
from each other, but it has been made crystal clear that this is not 
possible because there are some here who refuse to acknowledge some 
others of us as equals and as knowing something based on our life 
experiences that some of you could never know or understand unless 
you've been there and have gone through it yourselves. 
If you want war, non-violent of course, well now you've got one; cause I 
don't anger or go to war easily and I hate to too, but once I'm there, 
well you'll see!
Daniel is wrong ! period! And I'm unsubscribing from this list with too 
many *ssh*l*s who either are very willing to dump sh*t on people who not 
only don't deserve it but who are good people doing great and tough work 
against tougher odds or are silent when it happens. This is unpardonable 
to me! 
Of course, I'm sure there will be those who won't be silent in backing 
Daniel on his crap; at least the sides will be clearly drawn and taken. 
What a f**king waste, isn't it?!

Morgan <morganbrown@hotmail.com>
Montpelier Vermont USA

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