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RANTS  Grants and Foundations

As its name implies, GRANTS focuses on all aspects of grants and
foundations.  Any topic relating to grants and foundations is
Grant seeking in education, health care, human services,
public/society benefit, environment, animals, science, technology,
international affairs, social science, and religion are permissible

In addition, foundation formation, foundation funding, and foundation
administration are permissible topics.  Also, all aspects of soliciting
and receiving contributions to charitable foundations are permissible

While discussions will focus on USA and Canadian topics, individuals
other countries are invited to participate -- especially since so many
North American foundations make grants to charities in other countries.

The launch of GRANTS comes at a time when grant making is on the upswing

in North America.  In the USA, for example, independent, community, and
grantmaking operating foundations contributed an estimated $11.83
to nonprofits in 1996 -- representing an astounding 12 percent increase
over 1995.

To subscribe to GRANTS, send an email message to  and in the body of the message type:

        SUBSCRIBE GRANTS Yourfirstname Yoursecondname

For example:  SUBSCRIBE GRANTS Jane Doe

For help in subscribing, contact
telephone American Philanthropy Review at (714) 589-5938.

For information on this or additional philanthropy-related lists and
forums hosted by American Philanthropy Review, visit
<> .

Owner:  American Philanthropy Review

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