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   The Community Technology Centers' Network (CTCNet)

                            Publications and Member Services

We are a network of more than 250 community technology centers where people
get access to computers and computer-related technology, such as the
Internet. If you came to one of these sites, here's what you might find:

"In a large, airy room there is a crowd of young people and adults all
working at computers. In one group, students are having their first
experience using a spreadsheet on an IBM PS/1. At the same time, in another
corner, a senior adult is teaching herself to use a database on an IBM PC.
A young man is updating the church's membership files and printing mailing
labels. A young woman is at the Macintosh working on a desktop publishing
project, and two teenagers are in another corner debating how best to make
the Logo Turtle do what they want it to do. Others are casually 'messing
about' with simulations. Still others are busy on the machines with
modems-- exploring the Internet, sending email, engaging in on-line chats.
They are all using these technologies to achieve their own personal goals
and objectives."

Then again, you might find something completely different.

The 250+ sites are enormously diverse in program areas and participating
populations. Some are stand alone centers; others operate as one part of a
larger organization, such as a multiservice agency or museum, job training
center, shelter, cable public access center, etc. All support equitable
access to computers.

CTCNet accomplishes its mission in cooperation with organizational friends,
partners and collaborators. In partnership with CTCNet, Apple awarded a
major equipment grant in 1996 to 18 CTCNet member centers and, in 1997,
Apple has awarded equipment to 26 centers. They responded to a Request for
Proposals that was issued in December 1996.

                CTCNet, a project of Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC),
                  is supported by the National Science Foundation and others.
                           Please contact us at