Moving some e.mail onto the list..(_with_ consent of all concerned..)

Ronald J. Bartle (
Mon, 08 Dec 1997 01:50:01 +0100

>Tom Boland wrote:
>> Ron:
>> Thanks for writing what you experience and feel.  I aim to spark
>> discussion, not to censor, so I have no intention of "kicking you off the
>> list".  I'll write an on list reply, citing my own experiences--a community
>> with much international influx, but not many Roma.--Tom in Boston
>I will be interested to see your stuff.. now the situation here has
>normalised.. although those that are here still seem to present a
>problem.. in the _traditional_ manner... at least the numbers are within
>what would be just about tollerable and not way over the top which was
>the case some time back.
>These people need _massive_ internation help of a rather special kind..
>not perhaps so much material help as the so-called starveing millions in
>Africa and India.. but there is a move in the Check Republic to
>consiously build a core of highly intelligent - above average socially
>integrated elite roma and sinti.. it is hoped that these bright lights
>will be able to lead thier own community towards a more acceptable
>contributary position in Check society.  That is the theory.. and
>according to some local tv reports... they seem to have had no trouble
>in either finding the "right material" from within the upcomming roma
>generation.. and are haveing quite remarkable success in the
>intellectual "forced feeding" of this core.. with far above average
>linguistic and juristic skills being at the forefront.  This being a
>Check governmental effort.. I would imagine that any attempt to directly
>contribute to it from outside the country would probably be seen as
>"interference" rather than asistance - at least unless done very
>carefully and with great tackt.. maybe on the level of achedemic
>exchanges etc.
>>From the local perspective - specifically referring to the eastern
>european roma and sinti.. it would be quite hollow or even malicious not
>to openly admit that on a simple appraisal - these people tend to
>present themselves as "bad news!" - but - my feeling is .. where do we
>go from here.. what can if anything be done to encourage a positive
>change in this situation.. and while I feel the usal law.enforcement
>should and indeed must be applied.. somehow also to those controlling
>the effective small child-robbers etc.. the anser is of course not
>Zyrkon-B or anything even with a shadow of the same thinking.
>Thanks for your _moderate_ comments.
>ron b.
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Ron Bartle - Royal Air Force Veteran - Hobby Journalist - 24h wired Bed
& Breakfast in Berlin, Germany. +49.30.6884295