Re: Today's Gypsy As Universal Scapegoat FWD

Ronald J. Bartle (
Sun, 07 Dec 1997 22:04:24 +0100

Tom - I want one straight answer to one straight question from you....
Have *you* ever lived in a modern decent city that within a few weeks
was overrun(!!) by thousands and thausands of roma!???

Anser that question first..and then I am happy to discuss with you -
knowing your own level of exposure to one or two things.

Here in berlin we experianced almost mayhem in the pickpocket -
childeren robbing sort of sence a few years back until these dear dear
people who where expelled from todays cashmier in about 1372 "en mass!"
for the same sort of things flooded over the borders which had been
opened to let in a legal 180.000(!!!) [not 16.000 like the UK said they
would take .. but only admitted 8.200!!-} ex yugoslavian war refugees..
to allow those ppl to enter unhindered the security measures on the
easter borders of the eu where very relaxed for a few weeks and the
rivers boiled with swimmers nearly.

BTW - before anybody attacks me as a fasch**t German - pse note me true
info in signature file.. i do live in Berlin.. and I am a realist. And I
am prepared to give folks a chance .. I have 500 - 600 youngsters stay
in my Bed and Breakfast within the family Home - every year.. and they
come from ALL Over.. but I am not blind to reality... and if a nation
repeatedly does is very best to earn a bad bad reputation.. it is going
to need 200 years of good behaviour before decent human intellect will
be ABLE to recognise the change.  I am willing to donate money today to
realistically facilitate that oppertunity for the roma and sinti to
change thier ways.. give me reason to beleive it would work.. convincing
reasons and tell me who is running it and what the bank account details

ron b.

Ron Bartle - Royal Air Force Veteran - Hobby Journalist - 24h wired Bed
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