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Subject: Chico State master's in rural and town planning

The deadline for spring, 1998,  admission to the master's  program
in  rural and town planning at California State University, Chico,
is December 1, 1997.

Unique in the CSU system, this planning program specifically  pro-
duces planners with a special understanding of rural problems, at-
titudes, and political frameworks,  in order to work in non-metro-
politan areas of California (though the skills are transferable to
urban settings).  This  Program has particular strengths in rural,
small town, and regional planning; environmental planning, includ-
ing  environmental impact assessment,  water resource policy,  and
wetlands restoration; site planning and development; and  historic
preservation.  The program has been able to place all graduates in
planning-related positions throughout California.


The rural region of California's North State provides a variety of
opportunities for field research and case studies of area planning
programs.  Community plans have been prepared by  RTPL students in
many  resort, agricultural, forest, and resource-based towns.  On-
campus facilities include the Department of Geography and Planning
Map Library;  air photo,  GIS, cartographic, and computer graphics
laboratories;  a project lab;  design studios;  and the statistics
lab of the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences.


Students who complete the RTPL master's degree can be assured that
they receive preferential hiring  into vacancies in local and pri-
vate planning agencies.  The required internship component  of the
program ensures entry into an excellent network of practicing pro-
fessional planners  around the state.  The program  enjoys a wide-
spread reputation as a principal source of planners  fully trained
in rural and community planning issues.


Limited University financial assistance is available to qualifying
students.  Paid internships from local agencies are also available
and RTPL students have opportunities to work on faculty consulting
projects as paid assistants.


More detailed information on the program and its entrance require-
ments are available at our web page:

For a graduate applications package, please contact:
   Dr. Christine M. Rodrigue, Director
   Rural and Town Planning Program
   Department of Geography and Planning
   California State University
   Chico, CA  95929-0425
   (530) 898-4953 or -5285
   (530) 898-6781 (FAX)