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H. C. Covington (ach1@sprynet.com)
Sat, 6 Dec 1997 03:42:10 -0600

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I would have to say that I do possess all the knowledge of the world nor do
I profess to be wise or spiritual, like every one else we are human.  I
accept who ever it was that wrote they were a conservative.  Though I may
try to preach to them....knowing that they might never change+ACE-

But, you must beware my child describes me as so far left that I am out on
island.  Which he said few dare to go....  But, I think if we accept
ourselves and respect oneself for who we really are.
Personal note:

My 11 year old son was working with me in coordinating volunteers in
rebuilding houses for very low income people in a rural area.  After
watching  my community based activities for a few weeks +ACI-full time+ACI- during
the summer +ADw-they include a number of +ACI-roles+ACI- and +ACI-capacities+ACI- now+AD4- we were
going from house to house checking on progress, materials needed and he
asked me, +ACI-Dad, when you grow up what are you going to BE?+ACI-

Humbling for a community organizer that was working as the leader of an
Interfaith Coalition of 42 churches attacking poverty, Homelessness and
Housing ..........

But from the mouth of babes ...................