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National Evaluation of the Shelter Plus Care Program

The just-released National Evaluation of the Shelter Plus Care Program
examines how communities have used one of HUD's principal programs for
helping some of the most vulnerable, but most difficult-to-serve homeless
people--those with a severe physical or mental illness and/or acute
dependence on drugs or alcohol--build more stable lives.

S+C provides federal matching funds to local governments to support a
continuum of housing assistance and supportive services for the homeless.
The evaluation found that:

S+C is reaching and helping those it was designed to serve: one-third of
participants were mentally ill, almost as many were chronic substance
abusers, 16 percent had HIV/AIDS, and almost one in five had multiple

More than half of participants in each disability category reported
improvement in their physical and mental health, their ability to care for
themselves, and in mending frayed social and familial ties.

Participants' average income rose and employment increased by 10 percent.
Case managers estimate that one-third may eventually be capable of gainful

Improvement was uneven, however--attrition was high (32 percent) among S+C

Grantees still need additional flexibility, both administratively and in the
range of activities they can fund.
Copies are available from HUD USER for $5.00 each. Follow this link to order