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Fri, 05 Dec 1997 06:06:33 PST

Hello all!

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Ria Strong <> 

"FYI. (Has anyone joined the list? If so, what did you think?)"

Yes. I've been on HPN for about a month I think. I posted the HPN 
info on both ACT-MAD and Healnorm. On HPN, I was asked to post
some info and resources for c/s/x's. I have posted a few some posts
from ACT-MAD at HPN and one person at HPN requested info on how to
join ACT-MAD, which I then posted; he joined and recently posted an 
introduction. At HPN there seems to be a lot of interest in and 
support for c/s/x's and our issues/needs/lives. Of course, at HPN
there is a broad spectrum of opinion about "mental illness" or 
whatever its being termed these days and the so-called "treatment" 
of it, etc.; just like opinions seem to range (or rage) here and
The level of sincere respect one recieves is much higher at HPN than
on ACT-MAD. Fact! There are very few flames or flame wars at HPN as
HPN has been a very supportive and resource rich network for me and 
it is very new online I believe.
They have just gotten their own Home page up and running. Any one
interseted can visit it at:


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