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Fri, 05 Dec 1997 08:01:48 -0500

Mayor Susan Golding,

I ask you to support Larry Milligan, who is fasting for 24-hour public
restrooms for homeless people in San Diego.  This is a serious issue.  I
live in Washington DC, and homeless people here have a similar problem. 
It's unsanitary and unkind to ignore these (and other) people's needs. 
Please tell Mr. Milligan you will do what you can to help.  (See the
following press release from attorney Brian Mahoney, (619) 236-0286.)

I am also writing to the relevant Congressional leaders about this


Ellen Thomas, Director

Proposition One Committee

PO Box 27217, Washington DC 20038

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 For Immediate Release 



</center>Larry Milligan, phone number (619) 424-7857, local homeless
advocate, begins a fast 

Thursday, December 4, 1997 at 2:00 p.m. outside the public restroom on
Third and C 

Street in downtown San Diego. Larry Milligan is bringing the fast for two

One reason is to ease the pain of his homeless neighbors, who reside in
the City of 

San Diego and do not have 24 hour access to public restroom facilities.
The other 

reason is to work through the humiliation and shame of the homeless

being denied the fundamental human right of hygiene and 24 hour public

facilities in the City of San Diego. Larry Milligan says to the City and
his homeless 

neighbors that "I am happy to be alive at the same time that they are and
that you 

have helped me in my struggle, in my own spiritual road. It is not a case
of judging or 

confrontation. It is a case of realizing within ourselves, as sacred
human beings, the 

tn~e meaning of the giving of our lives. 

     For the past seven years, Larry Milligan has attempted to obtain 24

bathroom facilities in the City of San Diego through petitions, through

with the City Council, and through protests. In the early 1990's, Larry

presented the City Council with more than 8,000 signatures from the
community who 

supported 24 hour bathroom facilities in the City of San Diego. In 1991,
The City Task 

Force on the Homeless was created because of the activity of the homeless 

community, through demonstrations and political support from John
Hartley's (former 

City Council Member) office. The City Task Force unanimously voted for
the opening 

of 24 hour bathroom facilities in the City of San Diego. The opening of
24 hour 

bathroom facilities was subsequently incorporated into the comprehensive

Policy of the City of San Diego, voted unanimously into effect in 1995 by
the City 

Council. The Comprehensive Homeless Policy specifically supports and

that "24 hour public restroom facilities will be made available to the

population." See page 4, paragraph 4 of the Comprehensive Homeless
Policy, which 

is enclosed with this news release. 

     At the City Council meeting on Tuesday, November 4, 1997, Larry

gave each member of the City Council a copy of the Comprehensive Homeless

and he asked how can we work through this shame and humiliation together.

Milligan informed the City Council that the policy of 24 hour bathroom
facilities has 

not been carried out. Larry Milligan also mentioned that hygiene is a
very basic, 

fundamental human right. A month later, neither the City Council nor the

office has contacted Larry Milligan. 

     Brian Mahoney, Esq., a member of the Board of Directors of Homeless 

Advocates of San Diego states "Back in 1995, the City Council adopted a 

Comprehensive Homeless Policy that supported 24 hour public restroom

Two years later, this policy has not been put into effect. Actions speak
louder than 

words and the City Council's actions show that they do not care about the 

fundamental rights of our homeless neighbors. One's need to use a
bathroom does 

not begin at 7:00 a.m. and end at 10:00 p.m., which is the time the
restroom at Third 

and C is open to the public. Proper hygiene requires access to bathroom
facilities 24 

hours a day. 

     Moreover, providing 24 hour public restroom facilities is a public

concern and will save money in the end. Doctor Georges M. Argoud, M.D.,

(619) 426-0404, states that: "Lack of access to rest rooms and the
inability of the 

homeless to wash their hands after using the restroom increases the
incidence of 

gastrointestinal and skin infections and hepatitis. These acute
infections associated 

with vomiting and diarrhea superimposed on preexisting medical conditions
in the 

homeless, e.g., malnutrition, result in severe adverse effects often
leading to an 

emergency room visit and/or hospitalization. The decompensation of an

compromised patient significantly increases the cost of medical care that

shouldered by the County Indigent Program. Arranging availability of 24
hour access 

to restrooms for the homeless is a humane action that will reduce
infections and the 

cost of medical care in homeless persons. 


Brian M. Mahoney 

Attorney at Law 

707 Broadway, Suite 1700 

San Diego, CA 92101 

(619) 236-0286 

Ellen Thomas

<center>Proposition One Committee

Peace Park Antinuclear Vigil

PO Box 27217, Washington DC  20038 USA

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