RE: Press Release. Addendum

Lone Wolf (
Fri, 05 Dec 1997 01:32:49 -0800

Hey, it's me.

Larry Milligan is putting his life on the line.  On the surface it seems
such a ridiculous issue, a non-issue.  But it is a human rights issue
and therefore transcends the ludicrous.  Every human must urinate and
defecate -- but the homeless are not permitted to do so in San Diego.
Other animals are protected by law.  Pigeons, for example, are given
human rights that homeless humans do not have, but we are given tickets
or arrested for doing the same thing.

One lonely man sits now in protest of such insanity.  He will die if his
demands are not met, and others will then sit where he sat until they,
too, are replaced by still others.

I ask you to support Larry Milligan in his fast.  I offer the following
e-mail addresses and invite you to write.  Spread the original news
release I sent earlier to other lists, and add these:

Mayor Susan Golding   
City Council:                          (No e-mail available)

Sen. Dianne Feinstein    
Sen. Barbara Boxer      
St. Sen. Dede Alpert     
US Rep Brian Bilbray   
St. Assbly Susan Davis 

Bill Clinton                   
Al Gore                       

Larry is friend to many people and too valuable to lose.  Please let us
apply pressure.  Thank you.

Lone Wolf