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Fri, 5 Dec 1997 00:29:16 -0800 (PST)

with Joe's permission, I fwd. this account of the first day of the fast in
San Diego...Pat Myers

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Date: Thu, 04 Dec 1997 22:03:15 -0800
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> On Thu, 4 Dec 1997, J L PICKFORD wrote:
> > I thank you for your concern, but I don't think it will be warranted
> > for another 3-4 days or so...that about how long it has taken this
> > city in the past to respond.   Then they wade in and cart everybody
> > off to jail. (We [they?] are lucky this time...the lockup is only a
> > block away!) When I left an hour ago, there were 7 'on the line' and
> > maybe a dozen 'attending'.  How many will go the distance, I don't
> > know yet (find out tommorow when I check).  Press is supposed to be
> > there Saturday morning (wanta see if Larry is 'sincere').
> >   'bout half an hour after we started, a 'uniform' walked 'casually'
> > by and lw followed him...the cop went around the corner and reported
> > to a detective (or as we like to say: "a defective on the police farce")
> > that there was nothing to worry about...yet.
> >   If this isn't busted up before (or even if it is), 10 days from now,
> > phase two starts...a different segment (our members from the street
> > itself) goes into action.  In order to fulfill the letter of the law,
> > SD has 'condecended' to open a homeless shelter from Dec 15th till next
> > spring.  In their all-seeing wisdom (with a *counted* population of
> > 3000 homeless within the city limits...of which maybe 750-1000 are in
> > the downtown area), they have decided to make it for 250 people...
> > Starting Dec 15th, any and all who are turned away from the 'offical'
> > shelter will congrigate in Civic Center Plaza and sleep under a banner
> > of "Shelter Overflow".  This month should prove interesting!!!
> > We can afford the 'luxury' of sleeping outside in december...what we
> > hope is that we can 'set a precedent' (when we get arrested & go to
> > court -or- when the city relents & gives in [fat chance!]) to be
> > used by others who can't afford to stay out in freezing weather.
> >
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