Albuquerque FNB is active once again (please post)

Tom Boland (
Thu, 4 Dec 1997 17:21:04 -0800 (PST)

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Cheers out there,  FNB Burque (Albuquerque) is active once again after a
several month hiatus.  We began serving again on the 22nd of november at
Train park in Albuquerque,  where we had no one to serve, so we took the
serving to Mind over Matter for their last day of business.  The
decision to do so was out of respect to their help that they provided us
over the past few years.  Mind over Matter was a independently run
Record and book store that specialized in the more underground material
out there.  A few years ago they hosted a DIY fest that This incarnation
of FNB had their first serving at.

Last week serving went rather well until the cops showed up to bust
people that were in the park for consumption of alcohol.  FNB acted as
an observer in the confrontation with the police.  We were otherwise
ignored  and had no hassles with the cops this time around.  A nice day
went rather sour.

Well now for the juciy info that people need to know:
FNB Burque serving schedule:

 Noon at Train Park (corner of I-40 and 2nd street) and at
 1:00pm at Roosevelt Park (corner of Sycamore and Coal)

our contact number is (505) 243-7588 just leave a message
            email-  -put FNB in the subject
      web address-
      There are other local links at that address.

Thank you, see y'all soon

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