Re: Seattle's brand of Canada's harsh treatment of poor...

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>says it all...  Pat Myers
>I think one of the worst situations forced on the poor by unthinking 
>controlling bureaucracy is the choice between housing and loss of
>self-determination, as exemplified in one of Catalina's recent posts.
>Anyway, the Seattle Housing Authority, determining it "must clean up 
>projects!"  has instituted policies that will allow what is tantamount 
>the old dshs "bed checks"...for project residents...caseworkers may 
>at any hour and "inspect" the premises. Without notice.  At any time.  
>no just cause except "we must clean up the projects."
>This sort of invasion of privacy was shamed out of DSHS in the early 
>in WA state, and here it is, back again, and rationalized as another 
>'their' own good" decision...*why are homeless, poor and marginalized
>*never assumed to be the most knowlegeable about our situatedness...the
>lives we live and the problems we encounter every_day_of_our_lives?  
>in part, if *we were believed, an entire service industry would 
>in on itself...worse, the more probable agendas of the helping
>*institutions: the primary agenda being social control, would suddenly
>stand out in it's stark, quotidian heartlessness and greed. 
>And what a shame that would be...politicians, the less marginalized
>citizenry...even some of us, who have internalized hatred of those like
>us, might have to begin to think about and own, actions that support a
>social structure that is built on crass competition.  Being better
>than...accumulating more than...knowing more accomplish
>this...*someone...lots of someone's, must: be, have, and know...less. 
>Whether we do or not.  There never seems to be an end to the human
>capacity to overlook or rationalize away injustice...if it's not aimed 
>I want to make connections with people who believe they have my 
>at heart...folks with the power to make real substantive change
>happen...including politicos, but, more and more, I find it very hard 
>swallow...because me and mine are never_quite_heard. 
>God what an infuriating policy...and of course, unless ACLU does class
>action work, there is nothing the individual can recourse, no 
> fairness, period.
>Sorry, needing to rant.
>Pat Myers

Bonnie Briggs
Hi Pat,
  Hey, we have to rant somewhere. isn't it better to do it among 

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