Small world isn't it.. (fair useage quote from P.A.)

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Thu, 04 Dec 1997 14:24:46 +0100

Just seen this on the uk.breaking-news part of yahoo's pa coverage...

Thursday December 4, 12:13 PM GMT

Charles Meets Old School Friend Among Homeless

The Prince of Wales met homeless people - and came face to face with an
old school chum who has fallen on hard times.

Charles looked taken aback as Clive Harold, 49, introduced himself as a
former pupil of Hill House School.

Forty-four years ago the two played football together at the London prep

But while one went on to become Prince of Wales, the other sleeps on the
streets of London.

Clive told the Prince that his life started falling apart about 10 years
ago and he had lost everything.

He had been five when he went to Hill House and had lived in Launceston
Place near Princess Margaret.

His father had been a millionaire City financier and he himself went on
to become a successful author and showbiz
correspondent, mixing with the stars. 

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