Re: use in Memorial?

Anitra Again (
Wed, 3 Dec 1997 11:18:37 -0800 (PST)

Bonnie, you certainly may use any of my poems or writings you would
like to.  Also, the folks who have submitted their work for
StreetWrites and the other homeless writing display pages have given
permission ahead of time for the use of any of their work in any
project with the same goals -- breaking down stereotypes, promoting
the dignity and worth of all humans and advancing the condition of the
poor, the homeless, and the working folk.

I'm sending this to the list as well as to Bonnie, for anybody's
future reference.

The artwork on the sites is a bit more sensitive.  Please ask before
using any of the artwork.  But for the kind of projects that i know
everybody here is involved with, go ahead and use any of the written
material on any of my sites -- with full atribution and a link back to
us, please.

I'm glad you liked my site -- and thanks for signing the guestbooks! :)
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