use in Memorial?

Bonnie Briggs (
Wed, 03 Dec 1997 10:58:32 PST

Bonnie Briggs
Hi Anitra,
  I just had another look at your page. it really looks awesome! I can 
tell that a lot of work went into it. I signed a couple of guestbooks. I 
looked at some of poems. It's nice to finally see what you look like. 
Now I can put a face to the name. Speaking of your poems, I have a 
question. As you know, I am working on a Homeless Memorial in Toronto, 
Would I have your permission to use one/some of your poem(s) in the 
Memorial? They look like the type of material we will be looking for to 
put in the Memorial. I am not only chair of the Homeless Memorial 
Committee, but I am also chair of the Curation Committee which is 
responsible for gathering material to go into the Memorial. Please get 
back to me and let me know. Thanks, Anitra.

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