Re: Fwd: S*bscr*b*ng to the ACT-MAD listserve

Morgan Brown (
Wed, 03 Dec 1997 06:20:34 PST

Hello all!

On: Wed, 03 Dec 1997 
Liberty wrote:

"You may as well advertise that (the ACT-MAD listserve) list on here.
This list is getting just as vanguard and headstrong as that one, 
where four or five people claim to have a monopoly on the truth and 
what values people should and should not have."

It would seem that Liberty's comments are framed in a negative 
context, if I understand them correctly. If so, while this is a 
difficult and, in my opinion, a needless message to  respond to, 
I feel compelled to state that I beg to differ with  Liberty's 
above comments about HPN or ACT-MAD.  
I don't believe that being "vanguard or headstrong", whatever that is 
suppose to define, is a bad thing or something to avoid or refrain 
from either here or on ACT-MAD or is anything that warrants either an 
attack or defense; though I'm left to wonder because, Liberty, in my 
opinion,these comments in themselves seem to project or imply the 
very thing you seem to be either negating or possibly concerned 
Speaking for myself, I value HPN and everyone here. I also value the
ACT-MAD listserve as well, I find it to be equally supportive to me
and many of my peers; though I'm sure others may have their own
opinions. I posted the ACT-MAD listserve per requests both recently
and when I intially joined HPN. That is all I have to state on that
So, I guess that with this post, I too project or imply that I am 
being "vanguard and headstrong." To that I add-for myself included, 
yeah-so what's your point?! 
And no I'm not angry, I'm just mad!  ;-)  <wink & grin>

Morgan <>
Montpelier Vermont USA

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