Re: Plymouth MA '97

Thomas Cagle (
Tue, 2 Dec 1997 21:13:47 -0500

On Tue, 02 Dec 97 14:48:13 PST Bunny McLeod <>
>Dear Tom,
>	Maybe I'm stupid in thinking this way, but I think that if I 
>worked in a police department in a town where a certain thing had been
happening =
>for 27 years plus, I might sort of expect it to happen for a 28th year =
>also.  Attack the Indians on Thanksgiving huh?  No comment, at least not
>one I'd feel comfortable in making.  
>                    Bunny
Good morning Bunny

Well, when this story first unfolded my expectation was that a few or a
single young town PD freaked out. it would be a weary story, more than
twice told. The accounts I kept getting described MA State PD involved
too. Not particularly surprising as most municipalities use them as one
possible back up for mutual assistance calls.

Anyway as I said a weary tale of racism wearing a uniform. Such was my
expectation. Um, Richard F's too. I kept trying to down play the edge of
hysteria I kept getting from phone calls. Or from E-mail reports.

I have talked around now, and maybe we owe them street-pounding town PD a
little more slack. On discourse with folks who have many years
attendance... It sounds like in past years this event has had few if any
PD from any department to act as crowd control...

This year the number of PD on hand, in uniform, exceeded or matched the
number of marchers. It sounds like a lynching was planned. Plymouth just
aint that big of a town. To staff at the 150-250 level, Plymouth had to
pull staff from every shift and every surrounding town from most, if not
all of it's mutual assistance area. I don't know who in the Plymouth
hierarchy has a hair across their ass. But I would give a cup of coffee
to see what the over time tab for this fiasco will be.

One possible candidate could be the Plymouth PD Chief, who went on camera
claiming he has always had trouble with this group. Hm... I wonder if he
has arrest sheets from past years to verify that? I can't get equivalent
feed back from multi-year attendee's.

In fact the consistent reply has been "Cops? at Plymouth? on Thanksgiving
day? not that I can recall?" Not until this year it seems. 

This could have been a bloodbath. Somebody sure looks to have wanted it
to be one. I have to credit the low injury level to them cops training,
rather than my expectation of poorly trained-too green staffers.

This mitigates none of what went on that day. I just want to point a
finger at the bloke who is the engineer of this mess. An' it could've
been a lot messier. That it wasn't should be at least fragmentally to the
credit of them townie cops. It also speaks that we need to educate as
many new faces who do come next year, as can be reached. Clearly Plymouth
has a problem. A new one at that...

The appraisal of a solution also remains the same. "If the Plymouth PD
didn't like the number of participant's, then there needs be a whole lot
more next year" This is what I have gotten for feedback from all that I
have been able to reach on this topic.

Can you take the time?
Tom Cagle