Re: craft program

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Wed, 03 Dec 1997 00:17:23 -0500


At 12:48 PM 26/11/97 PST, Bonnie Briggs wrote:

>  The members of my drop-in, The Meeting Place do that. We have a store 
>on the front of the drop-in Where hand-made items are sold. There is a 
>stained glass workshop in the basement of the The Meeting Place where 
>window hangings and other stained glass items are produced. They are 
>then sold in the store. 
>  There is also, in Toronto, a store called "Prezents Of Mind". This 
>store is run by psychiatric survivors and the items sold in the store 
>are made by psychiatric survivors. 

As long as these "stores" do not become another form of sheltered
workshop, where only a few folks get real jobs - others live off the 
crumbs.  People need opportunities to escape poverty, not continue it.