Re: Psych. label bible mocked in London Times

Ronald J. Bartle (
Tue, 02 Dec 1997 22:19:15 +0100

Bruce D. Burleson wrote:
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 though I never seem to feel comfortable in my own
> skin.
> Can anyone relate to that.
I would suspect that a great many folks can relate almost intimatly to 
this feeling you report.  It would hardly be just homeless or psych.
consumers and similar that have this feeling.

Ever heard of the German word "Weltschmerz?"

- this is litterally translated world-pain.. and refers to the 
_common_ 'pain' associated with living out the role of being a human 
here in this uncomfortable - taxing - inhospitable and often unfriendly
world we ALL find ourselves in.

Which is not to say a person with this or that subjectivly _more_
challenging framework for living out thier own mental and physical
presence in the world would not have perhaps a more a w a r e or 
acute feeling of "Weltschmerz" - but then this is also probably a factor
making that person a tiny bit <if such a thing can exist..?> also 
more... human.. than the people who relatively perhaps "sail-through2
thier days and lives.

Come to think of this - I sound like I might be spouting rubbish here..
but I hope not.   <grinn>

ron b.
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