Fwd: S*bscr*b*ng to the ACT-MAD listserve

Morgan Brown (morganbrown@hotmail.com)
Tue, 02 Dec 1997 11:25:05 PST

Hello all!

Here is the information I found for those interested 
in s*bscr*b*ng to the ACT-MAD listserve:

Please Note: You'll have to subsititute the proper letter for the 
following words that you'll need to "join" ACT-MAD, with Tom's 
assistance, ***'s are being used here so that it does not bounce on HPN 

To s*bscr*b* to ACT-MAD, send E-Mail to:


In the body of the message type (only) this:

S*BSCR*B* ACT-MAD <FirstName> <LastName>
(remember to put your own name in)

To *ns*bscr*b* send E-mail to:


In the body of the message (no subject line is required) type:


for other instructions, the command HELP

This info may also be helpful:

URL: http://www.madnation.org

If you have problems with it, please let me know.

Thank you Tom!

Morgan <morganbrown@hotmail.com>

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