Re: Mental illness

Wandering Bear (
Tue, 02 Dec 1997 10:59:24 PST

 Being mentally ill myself I understand that there is a lot of unfair 
misunderstanding of what mental illness is.
 We are often labled as stupid and incompotent.Not capable of anything.
 Most metally ill are of a high level of intelagence and creativity.
But despite that the fact remains that most of us cant do things their 
way ,even though we beleave at times we can.
 We cant be a part of the mainstream world because of the gap of 
understanding is to wide to cross.
 We do need special consederation when it comes to employment and 
employers are not willing to give it because it would cost them to much.
 Because of this the mainstream world will always consider us as 
useless.And In their world we are.
 Can you blame an employer for not hireing someone who is a liability to 
 Who can at any time lapse into an episode that could cost them 
thousands of dolars and put someones life at risk.
 Or having to Hire a person just to make sure that their mentally ill
employie is on the job and doing ok.
 Yes we are intelegent and creative,but on the job most of us are 

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