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Donald Bokor (
Tue, 2 Dec 1997 09:28:22 -0800 (PST)

Dear Ellen,

Sometimes I think that all I'm trying to do is find a soapbox to climb on.
I hope that I don't bore you too much with my opinions and ideas.  But
unfortunately since there are not enough facts and proven theories I have
to resort to brainstorming and allowing the spirit of truth to have a free
hand in my inquiry concerning homelessness.  So remember that whatever I
write here is meant to be added onto and corrected by the rest of you and
anybody else who cares to address these issues.  Let's go forward in truth
to find peace and love.

On Mon, 1 Dec 1997, Peace through Reason wrote:

> Also, can you give a brief outline of what you think are the causes and
> solutions of homelessness?

It's altogether too easy for me to rant on the causes and solutions of
homelessness, but it is another thing altogether to provide a brief
outline.  I'll need a lot of help on this one.  I remember Abe Lincoln
saying about a letter he wrote to congress that he didn't have enough time
to make it any shorter.  blah, blah, blah, yada, yada, or something like
that.  I love you all for your concerned efforts.

I.  Causes
	A.  popular myths
		1.  the homeless are bad people
			a.  lazy	
			b.  drug users
			c.  insane
		2.  capitalism needs homelessness
			a.  homelessness forces people to accept low paid
				or dangerous work
			b.  homelessness reflects the value these people
				give to society
		3.  authoritarian governments need homelessness
			a.  political undesirables can be punished with
			b.  homelessness helps to differentiate the
				powerless from the powerful
	B.  potential truths
		1.  the homeless are unorganized
			a.  lack of education
			b.  lack of resources
			c.  lack of motivation
		2.  the homeless are unaware
			a.  lack of communication
			b.  lack of cooperation
		3.  the homeless believe they deserve homelessness
			a.  myths of capitalism
			b.  myths of authoritarian governments
II.  Solutions
	A.  band-aid therapy
		1.  kill all the homeless
		2.  give the homeless government assistance
		3.  expect the free market to provide homes for everybody
	B.  healing the self and healing society
		1.  raise consciousness of the homeless
		2.  build self-esteem of the homeless
		3.  motivate homeless to help each other
		4.  develop information data base providing all available
			resources that homeless can access
		5.  create political and social homeless organizations

> And do you have any suggestions who/how to compile substantive discussion
> into something other people can use?

I know that I am more than willing to help with this.  The difficulty for
me is that I don't know all the substantive issues.  Maybe list members
can start sending me their ideas on what the issues are?

As far as my suggestions are concerned, there are a few points that I
think we must consider.  What media will this discussion be presented in?
Electronic media including the internet, television and radio all have
their roles in information dissemination.  These all can be used as ways
to canvas for funds, provide news and briefs about homelessness, encourage
public pressure on political leaders, and inform the homeless about their
local options for resources.  Print media also has a role.  Academic
journals can help us to organize and present theories and research on
homelessness.  Newspapers and popular magazines can serve the same
purposes as electronic media.  Flyers and pamphlets can be used to provide
information to homeless people, without other media access, concerning
local resources available to them.  Word of mouth has its role also.  Talk
to everybody about homelessness, its causes, its solutions, and its
affects on each of us individually and collectively.  Listen to their
responses in order to glean new ideas, and to determine what they are
doing and willing to do.  Offer to help them with what they are doing and
encourage them to do more by providing them with opportunities to help
you.  Remind them that the problem with homelessness will never be solved
until everybody on earth is housed.  Finally, think for yourself.  This is
probably the most important means for compiling substantive discussion.
It is through conscious evaluation of the problem that individual
consciousness is raised and applied to finding solutions.  Remember that
you are part of the whole human family and that your brothers and sisters
are out there somewhere in desperate need of your help and love.  Give it
to them.

Of course this is just a thumbnail sketch of who and how.  A more complete
picture would go into details on what are the best presentations of the
facts, methods of gathering facts, methods for comparing and testing
competing theories, etc.  I could and would like to spend weeks working
with others on developing our ideas, cross fertilizing these ideas, and
formulating strategies and tactics for implementing these ideas.  Any
other takers?

> Ellen

Donald W. Bokor