1998 Natl. Fast for the Homeless

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(October 21 thru December 12, 1998)

The 1997 holidays are upon us. "Tis the season" for 
advocates to demand lifesaving winter shelter for 
the homeless, to collect and prepare food for the 
hungry, and to distribute donated goods and supplies to the needy, 
including canned food, clothing, 
shoes, blankets, camp gear, toiletries, soap, 
toothbrushes, toothpaste and other practical goods 
and supplies.

The American Homeless Society is additionally 
preparing for its Third Annual National Fast for the Homeless, next 
year, October 21 thru December 12, 
1998.  We conduct the annual fast, to honor the 
homeless on their special day, in each State and 
Area of the United States, for their enduring faith 
and fortitude amidst great adversity in urban, 
rural, coastal, wilderness and desert areas 
throughout the nation. 

The 52-day National Fast will begin in Alabama, 
October 21, and end in Washington DC, December 12, 
next year.  We are an all-volunteer association of 
activists fighting the spiritual war on 
homelessness, at all levels of government and 
society, and we would appreciate your help.

All the People in the United States of America and 
and its territories are cordially invited, to fast 
for 24 hours each year, on their Designated Fast 
Days, as scheduled below.  Volunteers are needed 
from throughout the country, to organize, publicize 
and initiate charity drives for toys, food, 
clothing, blankets, toiletries and other practical 
gifts, to be distributed to the homeless on their 
Designated Fast Days.  

Volunteer coordinators are also needed, to promote 
the fasts, drives and gift distributions on their 
respective Fast Days.  Volunteers may select a 
Coordinator position where they live, at the 
statewide, islandwide, countywide or citywide level, along with the 
District of Columbia.

Prospective volunteers are encouraged to observe and learn from this 
year's charity drives in preparation for next year's National Fast.  We 
are now 
appointing coordinators on a first-volunteered, 
first-appointed basis.  

If you would like to volunteer, or want more 
information, let me know.

Dr. Ruben Botello,
National Fast Coordinator
Schedule A:


Day     Date        State/Area: Coordinator

Day 1   Oct 21      Alabama
Day 2   Oct 22      Alaska
Day 3   Oct 23      Arizona
Day 4   Oct 24      Arkansas
Day 5   Oct 25      California
Day 6   Oct 26      Colorado
Day 7   Oct 27      Connecticut
Day 8   Oct 28      Delaware
Day 9   Oct 29      Florida
Day 10  Oct 30      Georgia
Day 11  Oct 31      Hawaii

Day 12  Nov 1       Idaho
Day 13  Nov 2       Illinois
Day 14  Nov 3       Indiana
Day 15  Nov 4       Iowa
Day 16  Nov 5       Kansas
Day 17  Nov 6       Kentucky
Day 18  Nov 7       Louisiana
Day 19  Nov 8       Maine
Day 20  Nov 9       Maryland
Day 21  Nov 10      Massachusetts
Day 22  Nov 11      Michigan
Day 23  Nov 12      Minnesota
Day 24  Nov 13      Mississippi
Day 25  Nov 14      Missouri
Day 26  Nov 15      Montana
Day 27  Nov 16      Nebraska
Day 28  Nov 17      Nevada
Day 29  Nov 18      New Hampshire
Day 30  Nov 19      New Jersey
Day 30  Nov 20      New Mexico
Day 32  Nov 21      New York
Day 33  Nov 22      North Carolina
Day 34  Nov 23      North Dakota
Day 35  Nov 24      Ohio
Day 36  Nov 25      Oklahoma
Day 37  Nov 26      Oregon
Day 38  Nov 27      Pennsylvania
Day 39  Nov 28      Rhode Island
Day 40  Nov 29      South Carolina

Day 41  Dec 1       South Dakota
Day 42  Dec 2       Tennessee
Day 43  Dec 3       Texas
Day 44  Dec 4       Utah: Timothy Seaton
Day 45  Dec 5       Vermont
Day 46  Dec 6       Virginia
Day 47  Dec 7       Washington State
Day 48  Dec 8       West Virginia
Day 49  Dec 9       Wisconsin
Day 50  Dec 10      Wyoming
Day 51  Dec 11      Outlying Areas, including:
                    American Samoa
                    Puerto Rico
                    Virgin Islands
                    Wake Island
Day 52 Dec 12       Washington, DC


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