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November 1997
    1.. Rural Health, Mental Health, and Substance Abuse Resources Directory

    2.. Directory of State Offices of Rural Health and Rural Health
Associations 1996.

    3.. Federally Funded Rural Health Research Centers 1997.

    ...and Resource Guides
    4.. About the Office of Rural Health Policy. An ORHP information
    5.. RICHS, a brochure describing the Rural Information Center Health
Service (1-800-633-7701). It includes the address for RICHS' World Wide Web
site, which features resources on rural health and development, and which
also has links to other rural information websites.
    6.. Rural Health Research in Progress at ORHP Rural Health Research
Centers. May 1997.
    7.. Federal Office of Rural Health Policy Rural Health Research Center
    8.. Guide to PHS Grant Opportunities for Research in Rural Health and
Rural Health Services..
    9.. Rural Health Dictionary of Terms, Acronyms and Organizations. March
    10.. Capital Assistance Funding: A Rural Health Resource Guide. May
    11.. Telehealth Funding Guide. May 1997.

    12.. Rural Health Services Funding: A Resource Guide, (RIC Publication
Series #41).1997.
    13.. Rural Communities: Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs Resource Guide.
DHHS, Center for Substance Abuse Prevention. August 1994.
    14.. Health Career Recruitment Programs in Rural Areas. July 1995. A
national guide to local programs of outreach to recruit rural students to
health careers.

    On Rural Practice
    15.. Facts About Rural Physicians.University of North Carolina Rural
Health Research Program. September 1997.
    16.. Physician Life and Practice in Underserved Communities: Strategies
for Recruitment and Retention. University of North Carolina Rural Health
Research Program. March 1994.
    17.. Rural Health in Brief: Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants,
and Certified Nurse-Midwives: Primary Care Providers in Rural Areas. July
    18.. Impact of Federal Funding for Primary Care Medical Education on
Medical Student Specialty Choices and Practice Locations (1976-1985). WAMI
Rural Health Research Center. April 1991.
    19.. Rural Health Clinics First National Survey 1994: Summary Report.
    20.. Comparison of the Rural Health Clinic and Federally Qualified
Health Center Programs. Revised. July 1995.
    21.. Alternative Models for Delivering Essential Health Care Services in
Rural Areas. January 1991. Workshop summary on the EACH/PCH program.
    22.. School-Based and School-Linked Clinics in Rural America. National
Adolescent Health Resource Center, University of Minnesota. February 1995.
    23.. Health Care in Frontier America: A Time for Change. September 1994.
    24.. Emergency Medical Services in Rural America: New Solutions to
Urgent Needs. June 1991.
    25.. HIV Infection in Rural Areas: Issues in Prevention and Services.
April 1991.
    26.. Health Care in Rural America: Summary of OTA Report to Congress.

    Rural Networks...and Antitrust Issues
    27.. Rural Health Networks: Forms and Functions. University of Minnesota
Rural Health Research Center, prepared under a grant from RWJ Foundation.
September 1997.
    28.. Health Care Antitrust Enforcement in Rural America: A Recommended
Safety Zone. February 1997. Prepared for the National Advisory Committee on
Rural Health.
    29.. Rural Health Network Evolution in the New Antitrust Environment.
University of Minnesota Rural Health Research Center. May 1997.
    30.. Rural Community Health Plans: A Summary Report and Director. Robert
T. Van Hook, Rockville, MD. March 1997.
    31.. Rural Healthcare Providers and the Law: An Issue Brief. University
of North Carolina Rural Health Research Program. February 1996.
    32.. Rural Health Networks: Concepts, Cases and Public Policy.
University of Minnesota Rural Health Research Center. April 1996. Executive
Summary also available.
    33.. Public Policy Issues and Rural Health Network Development.
University of Minnesota Rural Health Research Center. December 1994.
    Rural Managed Care
    34.. Introducing Medicaid Managed Care in Rural Communities: Guidelines
for Policymakers, Planners, and State Administrators. May 1997. New York
Rural Health Research Center, SUNY, Buffalo.
    35.. Market Reform and Managed Care: Implications for Rural Communities.
April 1997. Report prepared for the Office of Rural Health Policy.
    36.. Rural Managed Care: Patterns & Prospects. A chartbook produced by
the University of Minnesota Rural Health Research Center. April 1997.
    37.. Managed Care and Rural America: An Annotated Bibliography. May
    38.. Rural Prescriptions for Managed Care: A Roundtable. May 1996.
Recounts a November 1995 discussion of rural managed care experiences and
observations by industry reps, practitioners, and policy analysts,
highlighting their broad recommendations.
    39.. Making Managed Health Care Work in Rural America. September 1994.
Examines forces shaping introduction of managed care to rural areas, likely
models for rural managed care, and examines policies inimical to making it
advantageous to rural communities and practitioners.
    Agricultural Health and Safety
    40.. Ag-Med: The Rural Practitioner's Guide to Agromedicine. A desktop
reference for the diagnosis and treatment of agriculture-related disease and
injury. AAFP. May 1997.
    41.. Children and Agriculture: Opportunities for Safety and Health (A
National Action Plan). National Committee for Childhood Agricultural Injury
Prevention, Marshfield Clinic. 1996.
    42.. Agricultural Safety and Health: A Resource Guide, (RIC Publication
Series #40).1995.
    State Initiatives and Rural Economic Development
    43.. The Economic Impact of National Health Service Corps Physicians on
Rural Communities. Sheldon Weisgrau and Stephen McDowell, Kansas City, MO.
June 1997.
    44.. Fifty Success Stories: State Offices of Rural Health. August 1996.
A comprehensive and current account of the accomplishments of each of the
fifty state offices.
    45.. Road to Rural Health: The State Office Story. April 1993. A
description of the State Office of Rural Health Grant Program with eight
state vignettes.
    46.. Working Together for Change: How to Establish a State Rural Health
Association. ORHP and the National Rural Health Association. July 1993.
    47.. Strategies for Success: How to Build and Maintain an Effective
State Rural Health Association. ORHP and the National Rural Health
Association. April 1997.
    48.. Health Care's Contribution to Rural Economic Development. G. A.
Doeksen, S. Cordes and R. Shaffer. December 1992. Summary of a review study
commissioned by ORHP.
    49.. Community Solutions for Rural Health: An Empowerment Initiative for
Rural EZ./EC Communities. September 1995. A brief description of a national
program to help rural communities use health care to improve rural economic

    Telecommunications and Health Care

    50.. Apply for Discounts on Telecommunications Services and Internet
Service. Questions and Answers about Clinical Services for rural public and
non-profit providers. 1997.

    51.. Telemedicine: Building Rural Systems for Today and Tomorrow.
Reprinted with permission from Information Networks for Community Health.
    52.. Telemedicine Report to Congress: Executive Summary. January 1997.
U.S. Department of Commerce in conjunction with the U.S. Department of
Health and Human Services. Full report available at
    53.. "Telemedicine: The Jury's Still Out But the Promise is Great,"
Synergy, The Illinois Physician Hospital Institute. Reprint. Spring 1997.
    54.. Exploratory Evaluation of Rural Applications of Telemedicine:
Executive Summary. February 1997. Results of a two-year survey of more than
2000 rural hospitals to learn how telemedicine is in use. Full report
available at http://www.hrsa.dhhs .gov/news.htm.
    55.. Rural Telemedicine Grants Awarded, FY 94-96. A brief summary of
current projects.
    56.. "Telemedicine and the National Information Infrastructure,"
Telemedicine Journal, 1(4) 321-375.
    57.. "Patient and Provider Acceptance of Telemedicine," New Medicine,
1997, 1: 55-59.
    58.. Reaching Rural: Rural Health Travels the Telecommunications
Highway. 1994. ORHP report on policy, financial and regulatory issues
affecting the rural application of telemedicine.
    59.. Rural TeleHealth: Telemedicine, Distance Education and Informatics
for Rural Health Care. September 1994. A primer for rural areas on
telecommunications technology, its applications in health care, and an
overview of related issues.

    Rural Mental Health
    60.. Meeting the Challenge: Model Programs in Rural Mental Health. Fall
    61.. Mental Health and Rural America: 1980-1993. 1994. An overview and
annotated bibliography of rural mental health.
    62.. (See Directories)

    Rural Health Outreach Grant Program
    63.. The Outreach Sourcebook: 1991-1994, Vol. 2, 1992-1995, and Vol. 3,
1993-1996. Evaluative descriptions of Rural Health Outreach Projects.
    64.. Outreach Profiles on Latino-Hispanic Rural Health. Evaluative
descriptions of Latino and Hispanic Outreach Projects funded between 1991
and 1995.
    65.. Rural Health Services Outreach Grantee Directory, FY 1996. A list
of current grantees by state with short project descriptions.
    66.. Rural Health: The Story of Outreach. September 1992. A description
of 13 Rural Health Outreach Grant projects in 13 states.

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