Catalina Rhodes (
Mon, 01 Dec 1997 20:31:15 -0500

Hi Everyone,

First, I want to thank Tom for being a great host and showing me around some
of the homeless led groups in Boston!  He's a great guy and put up with all
my questions and chattering.

Today I went to the Boston. There I met Tom and other friends of HPN to
defend a grant.  The Boston Foundation asked many questions which I hope to
put forth to all.  All in all they were very polite but somewhat skeptical
of how the internet could directly assist the homeless.  Most of the folks
seem to know Tom well, so maybe they just might fund a portion of our
expenses.  It was a great experience to be part of the process of geting a
grant. (hehe)  This was
a learning process for me as it was my first meeting with a funding souce.
I think I got a little defensive of the project. Next time I will be aware
of this! 

After the meeting Tom led me on a tour of the homeless led groups in Boston,
MA.  I met folks from Food Not Bombs, Solutions, Spare Change and Bread and
Jams.  It was interresting and informative.  I spoke to the folks of Spare
Change about starting a sister street newspaper (maybe Spare Change Too).
They offered encouragement and lots of advice.  So, if I can find interested
souls then it might be a go to get folks some spare change for cigs or

I also found out that Bread and Jams offers a free van service to bring
folks to the shelters which I think is a neat ides! In our area
transportation is a real issue! 

I think we have many ideas to share amongst ourselfs.  I encourage folks to
think about visiting each other and sharing their experiences.  I'll let Tom
tell more on the grant issue.