Transcendence vs "Recovery"

Morgan Brown (
Mon, 01 Dec 1997 17:04:58 PST

Transcendence versus "Recovery":

thoughts on the journey that the paths of life offers us

By Morgan W. Brown
Written: August 21, 1997 
Montpelier  Vermont

One persons "recovery" is another persons journey on the paths life 
offers us: the difference, I suppose, may lay in whether one chooses to 
remain just a product of a system-in one form or another, or that one 
instead decides to live their own life (which is self-determination) 
moving on from and transcending the roles others would have us live out 
or play. 

"Recovery" would seem to imply healing, improvement, normalcy or sanity. 
However, this is an illusion in  a society whose mental health system is 
entirely a medical model one-where healing is at best only an 
afterthought: it is as though that they have forgotten or forsaken the 
four most important letters in the word health - HEAL. This should not 
be a surprise to anyone, since a biologically based and biased medical 
health system is limited in its ability in the healing process due to 
its limited or its lack of understanding, tolerance or openness of what 
is really involved in the healing process because of reductionist 

The healing process by its very nature is a spiritual one-of constant 
growth, change and transcendence-in the journey of life. In this 
context, therefore, "recovery" only offers more false assumptions and 
notions; empty promises from those who seem all to eager to keep leading 
us by the nose if we continue to mind our place, play our role and 
follow like the sheep and cattle that they seem to need us to be. 

Healing is a personal and spiritual affair. It is what we make of it. It 
is individually up to us and us alone; yet, that does not mean we have 
to struggle alone in the process either. As the spiritual process
that it is, its very nature-and ours as well-means that we need others 
who either have experienced it or are experiencing it in order to 
engage, grow and  heal. 

Acceptance is crucial too. I believe that acceptance may be what we
need in our lives so that we may rise to whatever occasion, experience 
or circumstance that we may face. If  we can learn to accept and embrace 
even the most difficult of things and events in our lives, then we may 
learn to let go of those things we may need to in order to move on, heal 
and transcend as we decide and as we are able to, knowing that we are 
giving our best, at any given moment. 

Within this process, then, there are never any "experts", only 
sojourners, and therefore there never can be a hard and fast "reality" 
that we all must conform ourselves, becoming enslaved to. 

If we dare to free our thoughts and minds, truly liberate our spiritual 
and emotional nature, discovering and experiencing life in all its raw 
diversity, we can then begin to find ourselves and eachother, learning 
what meaning life offers us.

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