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Donald Bokor (
Mon, 1 Dec 1997 11:04:02 -0800 (PST)


You can't know how happy this makes me.  I sincerely want to do more with
each person on this list than just formulate ideas.  I want to begin
implementing ideas as well, and I really think that each one on this list
would be valuable people to have on a board of directors overseeing my/our
actions as a homelessness research and activist organization.

On Mon, 1 Dec 1997, Peace through Reason wrote:

> Donald,
> I'm taking you seriously.  As I understand it, you want to establish a
> research organization to figure out the causes and solutions to
> homelessness, right?

In part you're correct.  I believe that I already know the causes and
solutions to homelessness, but this belief must be tested as well as its
ability to stop current homelessness and prevent future homelessness.  I
also like the research organization idea for the pragmatic reason that it
allows, those of us who cannot look to any other solution than government
or money, to support my/our grassroots efforts to empower the homeless.

> Part of the task would be to interview of homeless
> people, correct?

Yes, interviewing currently and formerly homeless people will not only
provide us with case studies for analysis and review, but also will allow
us to start identifying and directing the resources that the homeless have
to apply to the problem of homelessness.

> And what else?

The research end is primarily a theory building exercise, but we also need
the practical end which is the building of praxis for developing model
communities in which homelessness does not exist.  It might also be nice
to do some evaluation research on the effectiveness of government and
other programs for helping the homeless.
> What does this mean?
> >We create shared living spaces by reclaiming lands from private use for
> >environmentally sustainable public use.

Now you've discovered my hidden agenda.  For fifty some thousand years
(give or take depending on when you believe that humans first appeared on
earth) humans have shared the entire earth with each other and all other
plant and animal species.  Nobody owned the earth, and we were all just
mutually existing on this shared space.  About six thousand years ago
groups of people (called governments) started partitioning off the earth
into lands used for the exclusive benefit of their own "citizens."  Today,
there are no more public commons from which people can provide for their
own sustenance.  This privatization of the earth was necessary to make
people dependent on these governments, but the consequences were
starvation and exposure for the people who did not "fit" into the
government systems (say the Jews or the native americans or or or etc).
So what I mean is that in every community and locale on earth we must
remove enough land from private ownership and use and return it to use as
sustainable lands for the sustenance of the homeless and poor.  This way
we can again end homelessness because nobody will be left without a place
to call home. 

> Ellen Thomas

Donald W. Bokor