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Liberty wrote:
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> But, did you know that the provincial government does not even consider
> me a person with a disability?  Once one is working, no matter how hard
> it is for them, they get zero help and supports - I would only get the
> supports if I quit working, whined, felt sorry for myself and asked for
> handouts all the time, without the responsibility of bettering myself. 

Well I just hope to goodness the intended implication is not the one
it appears to be.

To group _not having regular paid work_ with "whineing" "self-pity" and
"asking for handouts all the time" and being "without responsibility..."
is maybe fine if this whole discussion was relating to fit folks ... who
every real opportunity to be working ... but for some reason do not care
to get
off thier but*s in the mornings.

My own situation is that - after being told by a british Govt. medical
as he awarded me the 20% war (-psychosis) disability.. at age 24years..
"... you should realise that basically working-life is OVER for you and
best thing you can do is to get used to setteling down at your mother's
place to
enjoy your well earned retirement!"  This was at age 24!!! The money
behind this
pension back then was 3pounds-16s-10p weekly.. which would not keep an
adult in
beer .. certainly not cover a weeks smokeing and probably only about
minimal food for 
1-1/2 days. - weekly.

So it is obvious that while the medic was right that I would be largely
excluded from
regular - well  paid and insured (not completly .. very highly qualified
and responsible jobs tended to be still open to me I found...once one
could get them!) so when I did not find one of the few highly qualified
jobs.. (like being the comms manager for Mc.Cartney's lawyers - Clintons
Solicitors <then> at Pall Mall54 in London) I would hit the road with
minimal finances and work my way arround western europe doing any and
ever odd job .. heavy construction and dangerous ship-repairs in
Rotterdamm whatever.  Now at age 48years.. a single father .. who apart
from the war-psychosis has a pretty bad back and a lota pain with it...
when the Germany here insisted I take an industrial disablement from
them.. and I realised this had the effect that I really was being kept
in practice out of even short term jobs by it.. I resorted to stuff like
- free lance foto-journalism and running a small Bed and Breakfast
operation within the family appartment.

Maybe reading this .. you can understand that while I have not much
chance at regular employment - I get a wee bit peevish on seeing that
fact linked with stuff like "whineing" 
"self pity" etc.

Nowadays - so long as one fixes up a decent net-access .. being without
regular employment does not need to mean being idle or inactive
anyhows.  Especially with relation to life-long learning - the lack of a
full-time 9-5 job opens up various possibilites for growing in that
respect.  It is no cooincidence that I have a fair command of some 4
european languages plus a smattering of colloquial arabic.  I suppose a
person "without a clue" would also not get invited to participate in
expert meetings in brussels organized by the XIII directorate of the
European Commision where the theme is "telematics applications for the
elderly and disabled."

The very fact that these new technologies are offering opportunities for
interaction of all sorts.. work - lerning - human growth - means that we
must be all the more carefull of makeing sweeping generalisations about

Like it or not.. there will be an increasing percentage of the total
populations of the western industrial nations who will be living
creatively and makeing a contribution - many of whom will have little
connection to the traditional life-stype of "going to work - get a
paycheck directly for that same work"  Perhaps with a situation of
"bigger government" Europe is in a position to benifit from and further
'alternative productivity' in ways that the US may not be...? Still on
the net and even on lists like this one has increasingly to do with a
global community.. so in this respect we need to be aware that what
might be a fairly legitimate comment relating to folks in one
society..and the way it is structured - that might not carry over into
different situations.  On the other hand .. I am shure there are plenty
of decent folks finding ways to live upright and costructive existances
in the US too.. that don't all have regular paid employment - for one or
another reason.

Greetings from a grey wet winters' day in Berlin Germany.

ron bartle

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