RE:Psych. label bible mocked in London Times

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At 09:09 AM 01/12/97 -0500, Bruce D. Burleson wrote:

>> Marx also proposed a violent revolution to overthrow capitalism.  I 
>> think that is what Stalin did, and why this type of method of solving 
>> human problems is so wrong.

>You are making the common error, of equating Lenin with Stalin.  The
>two aren't the same.

A common retort from purveyors of socialist rhetoric, particularly when
they claim any examples of devastating governments that have tried and
applied socialism for many years, without much success, are not "real
socialist" governments.  I would hate to see what these same folks would
consider to be an accurate litmus test of "true socialism".  If this
were the case, I think we better start inhabiting another planet.

>But why am I writing this anyway; it's obvious I'm talking to the
>wrong class here.  I need to spend this time talking to workers.

Many of the people who collect government benefits are not workers,
unless they are raising small children in their home (as this is a job
in itself, albeit unpaid).  Those embracing socialist philosophy would
certainly not like to see those currently not working become workers 
either, as most socialists I know oppose the practice of workfare, which 
would allow folks to work in exchange for social benefits (which offers 
them more dignity and respect).  Most unionists would like to keep the
number of workers in their workplace limited as well, by pricing themselves
out of the market, so the employer cannot afford to hire any new people,
so those that are not hired by this default, can remain living in poverty.

As for myself, I work excess of eighty hours a week.  I consider myself a
working person, by anybody's standards.  

>> By the way, did you know that Karl Marx was financially supported by
>> Frederich Engels, whose family was among the wealthiest of capitalists
>> at the time?  It is one thing to be an idealist, and quite another to ...

>So?  What has that got to do with the ideas that the two of them 
>assembled, from years of observing capitalism and the workers' movement?

Marx, the idealist, could have proven to the world he can live without
capitalism by practising as he preached, instead of living off the avails
of capitalism, then biting the hand that feeds him.  If he did this instead
of living off the hard earned wealth of the Engels family, his ideas just
might have a wee bit more credibility than they have.