Re: proposal defense meeting 12-1

P. Myers (
Mon, 1 Dec 1997 08:31:09 -0800 (PST)

<snipped m'self...tooooolong...>

> Bonnie Briggs 

> Hey Pat,

>   I have a College degree. Does that mean I'm one of the "chic former 
> homeless"? Just wondering. BTW, I agree with what you said to Daniel.
> Bonnie

Thanks, Bonnie!  Daniel has decided not to respond to anymore of my I don't need to read him frequently (and fortunately!).

Regarding  your education...sigh...grrrrl, you don' pass tha Daniel means
test for even deserving to open your mounth on this list, I would surmise.  

Which means with an undergrad degree, a Post-Bac, and 3 quarters away from
a M.Ed. (with a shot...just a *shot at acceptance for Ph.D. 
program--!!!)...I'm in tha doghouse, too!  At least the company is good. 
I wish he would spend a little time looking at what you've done, and how
you've done it, and get a clue...what he implies is that there are
deserving and undeserving...or that we somehow lose our memories;
abilities to respond from a center that includes knowlege and expereience
of marginalization/powerlessness...your work so clearly reflects the holes
in his assumptions!

Does he think that the learning process makes one forget prejudice and
unfairness, or the fear of a repeat performance of homelessness?  

The only real distinctions of experience of homelessness I'd make are
between women alone on the streets (*so vulnerable!), men, and
children/youth homeless (not only vulnerable, but never, *ever taken
seriously by politicos). No, take it back...I wonder what differential
experiences of poc pertain...I was homeless in a car, and I appear very
white, so I'm no real model... 

Thanks, Bonnie!  Write ON!  Pat M
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