Re: proposal defense meeting 12-1

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Mon, 01 Dec 1997 08:00:58 PST

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>Well this is interesting, Daniel.
>You flame Tom's credentials because they don't meet your criteria for
>funding, suggesting that he is reproducing the same pattern of 
>power relationships that currently exist, and because he includes "chic
>homeless" ("chic" homeless, Daniel?!  What is that?  A formerly or
>currently homeless person with or attempting to get a college degree?) 
>formerly  homeless.
>Then you indulge in a bit of past history ranting, re your preference 
>word choice, suggesting that there are many powerful out there wanting 
>big bucks to be had for representing the marginalized, esp. homeless.
>Whew, Daniel, that's a serious stretch of reality for *mah little 
>although I understand your passion in having peer run services...I 
>that's what you want...yes?  So. You react to code words with a
>patronizing, condecending diatribe that obscures a, Daniel, a really
>tenuous relationship to any form of logic.  But it gets better!
>Following are questions for Tom.  Weeeellll, not really for Tom, and 
>really schoolin' us, Daniel?  Like, if Tom went to
>college, or worked with people labelled mentally ill, or has ever had a
>credit card (!!!), he is prima facie unqualified to receive grant
>subsidies of this project...aaannnnddd his "peaceful" and "non-violent"
>beliefs are suspect as well.
>Well, damn, Daniel.  The only questions *I have left are
>1.  Where and how did *you learn to means-test so well??  You come off
>    like one of the worst DSHS caseworkers *I've ever encountered...
>    and
>2.  Are you aware just how close to McCarthyism you come, and how 
>    slick you sound?
>This is a fine list, well-conceived and well-intentioned.  I support 
>list and listowner without reservation.  Now, Dan, lemme know when you
>want *my history, in order to do your background checks...but from what
>I've read, you already fail my "bother to ever read him again" test.
>Pat Myers
Bonnie Briggs
Hey Pat,
  I have a College degree. Does that mean I'm one of the "chic former 
homeless"? Just wondering. BTW, I agree with what you said to Daniel.

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