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Bruce D. Burleson (
Mon, 1 Dec 1997 10:09:22 -0500 (EST)

Thought folks on the Homeless list ought to know about this.
I'm hoping to make it to this event.

:) Bruce

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Date: Sun, 30 Nov 1997 22:33:10 -0600
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Subject: Million Mad March

Hey all,
This showed up on a listserv digest I get.
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For Immediate Release...................................Contact:
Sylvia Caras Saturday, November 15,
1997.................................(408) 426 5335
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Santa Cruz, Ca. - The MADNESS family of e-mail lists, web pages, and
other forums has launched plans for a "Million Mad March" as our proud
and triumphant presence in "Walk the Walk: With Lives Touched by
Mental Illnes," a national event scheduled for May 2, 1998, in
Washington DC.

Several thousand people from around the world who are
consumers/survivors/ex-patients of psychiatric treatment have
participated in MADNESS Internet activities since its inception in

As announced by federal SAMHSA administrator, Nelba Chavez, "Walk the
Walk" is sponsored by numerous U.S. Mental Health Organizations, and
honorary co-chairs are U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Secretary Donna Shalala and Mrs. Tipper Gore.

Dr. Chavez promoted the Walk as a partnership in support of the common
cause of "dispelling myths about people with mental illness." In
response to this request, during Walk the Walk on May 2, MADNESS will
foster the bringing together of people who have used psychiatric
services to:

....* dispel the myths about us by being there ourselves as equal

....* congregate and walk for freedom in plazas throughout the world.

May 2 will be not only a walk in Washington, D.C., but an
International Day of Madness. User/survivors of psychiatric services
on the MADNESS forums invite all mad people everywhere to join us in a
Million Mad March.

Plans are already underway for events in Australia and Canada.

According to Sylvia Caras, MADNESS founder, "Since 1994, we have
exchanged views and mutual support over the Internet. Our original
mailing list called MADNESS now includes our web sites, IRC Chat, and
12 specialized lists. Under the umbrella of our web site MADNATION
( we are calling for participation of
consumer/survivors around the world. It is our intention to be a
visible presence in 'Walk the Walk,' and to raise our international
voice as people who experience mood swings, fears, voices and

For information about this press release or on how to organize in your
local area, contact:

.... Sylvia Caras
.... 146-5 Chrystal Terrace
.... Santa Cruz CA 95060-3654
.... USA

.... (408) 426-5335

.... Internet:

For information on the Million Mad March via e-mail:

.... (a discussion list for
user/survivors) .... (auto-responder with
up-to-date plans) .... (e-mail about
Australian plans) .... (e-mail about
Canadian plans)

For information on the Internet:

.... (Million Mad March web page)
.... (Walk the Walk/CMHS web page)


Please use this Million Mad March announcement to spread the word.
Post it to your favorite e-mail lists, newspapers, and friends.